Rain, Bacon and messes

Today, my kids and I had nothing going on besides homeschool. So, naturally, I was going to stay home and clean, bake and do laundry. You know, the normal things that moms do.

First, let me start by saying that my husband and I have decided to cut out most of our sugar intake for Lent. Meaning, no sugar in our coffee, no more desserts, no more junk. We have started a week early, just because, why wait…

Today, is day 3 for me and I am cranky! I have also eaten about 10 pieces of turkey bacon, and I’m not a huge bacon fan.

I have managed to only put one load of laundry into the washer and my son has literally been nursing ALL DAY!

I tried baking some weird gluten free “lighter than clouds” bread that I saw on Pinterest… Big Fat Fail!

My dog is limping, my kids are fighting, my house is a mess and it’s cold and rainy!

Mary, please be my mother right now! Please pray for me that I can get through this day.

And now as I’m writing, I look down and see this face…

Okay, so maybe today is not that bad ( and maybe it is).

I did however get my new rug in the mail from Urban Outfitters… Which is making me super happy.

In conclusion, tomorrow we will not be staying home! I hear Target calling my name.

We actually do have an afternoon appointment at a local Catholic Montessori for my oldest daughter. So, I will report on that later.

Have a good day!


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