From Toddler to Teenager

My oldest daughter is 5. She is sweet and creative and loves her family. She is also sassy, stubborn and a bit too big for her britches (as my mother would say).

And my 3 year old, who still seems like a baby to me, is funny and always trying to please her momma.

Really, they are both so little. Young and innocent and learning something new every day.

So, when and why have they decided to become teenagers?

The fighting, the eye rolling, the sighing and utter disgust displayed when I ask them to clean up their room. When did this happen? I thought I had at least 10 to 12 years of sweet babies!

An example…A few days ago, I let my girls know we were going roller skating. They decided to get themselves ready, which of course for me is a huge help. Then this happened…

Painting nails, gazing at themselves in the mirror…. What’s happening? Who are these people?

I mean, of course in hindsight, this was super cute, but at the time, I was a bit frightened.

And, as another example, my 3 year old ran in to the kitchen this morning sulking, I asked her what was wrong and she snapped, “nuffing, just weef me awone!”

I cringe at the thought that one day, my babies will actually be teenagers in age. I’m already dealing with the following sass from my 5 year old;

“Oh, for petes sake…”

“Oh, brother!” (With an eye roll)

“Mom, you’re crazy!”

“Ugh, I just want to be left alone for 2


Which, if anyone out there knows me, I’m sure she got directly from me.

As I’m writing this, they are in the next room wearing princess dresses and playing sweetly with each other. Now, I can sit here and dread them growing up or I can watch them try and be grown up and find it funny. I pick the latter. It makes better stories for them in the future.

I leave you now with this image. Although they try and be big, they are just little…


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