Baby Room Makeover

I am sitting in my babies room nursing him right now. I love his room. It’s not nearly finished, (I’m a slow worker) but I love what I have so far and it has a lot of potential. Of course now that I am no longer pregnant, I have the energy to paint, I just need to find the time.

He has the biggest bedroom in the house (I know, right…). But, our tiny master has an attached bathroom, so we win…?

Living on a mountain in Virginia has made me a bit obsessed with the whole “deer, Americana, outdoorsy,” look. I also am an avid Pinterester…. You can probably just imagine the amount of DIY I’ve got going on in here.

I would like to start with my two favorite DIY projects.

First, I wanted a faux deer head, but, those things are pricey. So, I sort of made one with the help of spray paint, wood and a paper mâché  form from Hobby Lobby.

This is what it looked like before it was painted.

This is what I did with it.

I thought it turned out pretty well.  The deer head was about $25.00 and the spray paint was proabably a total of $10.00 (I used 2 cans). I used Valspar, paint and primer in one, red cherry gloss. I got mine from Lowes.

I just happen to have the wood piece and gray paint.

My next favorite DIY in this room is the peg board over the changing table. I got the idea from Pinterest.

My husband bought me the peg board from Lowes, it was giant, so he cut it down for me. I actually used the same spray paint as above. And again, used two cans. You can get the hooks and baskets from Amazon. They were a good price. As you can see, I fill the baskets with diapers and creams and the hooks are great for hats.

I made the deer silhouette using a deer outline and scrapbook paper. I had the frame laying around.

I enjoy baskets. With children, they are a must for toys and the various junk one collects. I like to mismatch and collect them from different stores. The ones I have in his room are from Home Goods and Target.

For awhile a few years ago, I was really into paining furniture. I painting a side table and decoupaged some scrapbook paper on the drawers. When I added this piece to my babies room, I wanted to change the drawer pulls. I found cute deer drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby. I think they were about $5.00 each.

The picture of the deer behind the lamp is from Hobby Lobby.

  (Hobby Lobby Drawer pulls)

So, I said this room was big, and it is, I was able to add another small toy holder. It was actually a liquor cabinet we got for our wedding and I think it fits well in this room.

I painted a small wooden shelf I got at a thrift store and placed it above his dresser. I took a frame I had in the house and a piece of Americana fabric I had left over. I added a metal truck I found at Hobby Lobby.

The little metal H is also from Hobby Lobby and the deer figuring is from Amazon. Although, I have seen them at Target. Target had a whole bunch of animal figurines for about $4.99. I got a bear an eagle and a buffalo as well.

Lastly, I love this blanket I made before he was born. I got the fabric from Joann Fabric a few years ago.

 (its a tad wrinkled from use)

Like I said, this room has a lot in it and still I didn’t mention the crib, twin bed, toy chest and glider chair I have in here.

I might want to reconsider switching rooms with him before I start painting.

Hope you enjoyed. I know I’m going to have fun continuing in this room. I want to add some paint, a great rug and wall art. I am now inspired.


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