Ash Wednesday Redo Please

I’m going to start this post by saying, if you are trying to start your day with being patient and loving towards other, then do not try to do something for the first time on your computer.

With that being said, I would like an Ash Wednesday do over, please!

I was going to go to the 12:15pm Mass today. Great, plenty of time to clean and homeschool.

But also, plenty of time to get side tracked with a grand idea…

In the first hour of waking up, I had become an illustrator. I couldn’t find what I was looking for online, so, instead of giving up, I decided to create an Ash Wednesday worksheet for my daughter on my own.

While I was at it, I decided to start making Stations of the Cross  notecards for her as well…brilliant! (And then I tried scanning them into my computer…that’s where it all fell apart.)

Here is the result of my morning sidetrack…

Haha, really not worth the 2 hours wasted, but, welcome to my life. I do a lot of wasting time.

I did make it to Mass, a miracle I would say. I will also say this, if my kids don’t  want to be somewhere, wow, you will know it!

During this lovely Ash Wednesday Mass, my daughters received 3 warnings and got their Kindle privledges taken away. They were 2 warning deep into another day of no Kindle before Mass ended.

My kids literally made me sweat today. The 4 wonderfully behaved girls sitting next to us were in awe. They stared at us all through Mass while I whispered threats through clenched teeth and tried desperately to nurse my baby while he did his best to pull the cover off.

These are the days you want to throw in the towel, go home, get under the covers and stay there till the day is over.

But instead, you stay and get the ashes you have been excited for all week and take that selfie with your baby because he’s just the cutest ever.

You also try to get a selfie with your daughters, but they are still boycotting their mom.

You also feel the need for a redo when you come home to your dogs mess.

I know what some are thinking and no, I did not put my child to work, she actually volunteered and then yelled at me because I sent the dogs outside. Apparently I’m the meanest mother ever.

So, starting today, my Lent promise will be to stay positive, patient and remember those who suffer more than I do.

I will continue with my daily rosary and pray the Angelus daily. I found this great app on my phone that reminds you every day at noon to pray. I will also continue with my no sugar/desserts promise.  (It has been really rough!)

Now, as I write, my kids are in the next room goofing off and yelling instead of sleeping.  I can’t have an Ash Wednesday redo, but I can be patient and say a few Hail Mary’s, they will pass out soon enough, right?


2 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday Redo Please

  1. Your post made me smile 🙂 thank you! I can’t offer you a re do day, BUT if you have a smart phone look up the app JotNot – it’s a scanner for your smart phone if you have one. I used it when I was a teacher ALL THE TIME. You use the camera and then can email yourself the documents. It works great!


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