Cleaning frenzy

Do you ever get the most intense urge to clean and organize a room?!?!

Well, Welcome to my Saturday!

I was reading my daily prayer book, Small Steps for Catholic Moms, by Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss, and today’s Act was to make room for your kids to play by getting rid of, donating or putting away some of their toys. (What I retained was, “your home is a disaster! Get to work!”)

I have a flaw. Once I get on to something, I obsess about it. I can’t focus on anything else.

It started out innocent enough in the girls room, then I became frantic and once that happens, it’s time for Daddy to take the girls out. (Which he did and I’m very grateful!)

This was my girls room this morning (keep in mind, I pick up every night).

( Yes, that is my real baby on the floor.)

This room was destroyed by about 9:30am, they had been awake since 7:30am.

I got started with the books. We don’t keep toys in this room except for some stuffed toys and dress up clothes. The kids do however bring toys in throughout the day.

I always start with the books.

To some, this might not look so bad, but, I am a crazy person, so it’s an eye sore to me. I like them organized in size and style.

I got rid of the “baby” books and put some of them in the babies room.

I do this maybe once a month.

I did get the rest of the room cleaned up as well. I found everything in this basket under the girls bed.

They aren’t so great at cleaning up!

All clean!

I wish I could be one of those people who isn’t bothered by messes.

I have had a hard time with toys since having kids. I can’t stand them, (the toys, not the kids.) They always have a million pieces and they are messy and they go missing and again, They Are Measy!

I’m sure the moms out there that only let their kids have like 5 wooden toys at a time are wondering why I can’t get on board. Well, I just can’t. I think it’s weird! As much as I hate, hate, hate STUFF…. I also have a hard time getting rid of it. Maybe one day, but not now.

My husband built me this amazing shelving unit in the girls playroom. It was great! I love him for it.

It also drives me batty. All I can ever see is a mess.

I did work on this room a bit too. I really need to find a better way to organize. I will take any suggesrions please!

Cleaning these 2 rooms always makes me feel better about life.

Then I walk through the rest of my house…

With no more cleaning energy, I decided to go work out. That basket full of clean clothes will need to wait. (it’s already been there for a week).

To end on a positive note, my husband, knowing that I would be stressed, got me these while he and the girls were out. He’s the best.


One thought on “Cleaning frenzy

  1. You did an AMAZING job! I often get those urges but I rarely get to finish it in one day. I usually start and get pulled away so many times forgot what I was trying to do. For a season. Kudos to you! Keep it up. Blessings.

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