Help a Mommy Out! 

My beautiful boy, whom I love so much.  I love your face and your little personality. You are such a joy and a wonderful edition to our family.  

With that being said, please here me out. I ask for only 45 minutes a day to exercise. Mommy spends every day taking care of others and needs this time to take care of herself. 

I get it, you hate naps. You love being near your mom all the time (of corse you do, I’m pretty awesome.) 

But, for the love of all things! Just 45 minutes a day. I’ve already given up my sleep for you, don’t make me give up my workouts too. 

Sometimes you are feeling generous and fall asleep while listening to the melodic sound of the treadmill.  But days like today, my 30 minute speed training turned into a brisk walk.   

 Buddy, you’re amazing, my little joy, but Mommy is begging you… Please don’t scream bloody murder when I run, please understand when I say, it won’t be long. 

Let Mommy watch her Netflix and zone out. I will be forever grateful! 





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