Loving Yourself

The girls have been stuck inside for 2 days due to snow and ice, so today we decided it was a Chick-Fil-A day.

I tried to stay on course with my new eating habits (I “tried”).  Just grilled chicken nuggets with some waffle fries, water and no chick- fil-a sauce (😱).

My food looked so sad and naked.

After we got home later that afternoon, I did some chores and the girls went to play.

When it was getting close to their “quiet” time, I went to get my workout clothes on.

As I glanced in the mirror, I felt disappointed. I’m getting older and this baby weight is not coming off as fast as it use to. My belly and hips are still too big, and when did my thighs get so huge?

I’m annoyed! I only have one pair of jeans I can officially button. And they are my after baby jeans. So they don’t really count.

I’ve been faking it with all my other pants; leaving the button undone and using a rubber band to hold them together. It’s frustrating!

I decided to take a “before” picture of myself. I then began feeling guilty because I’m doing this during Lent. I know my sacrifice was to quit sugar and eat less junk (let’s not count today’s lunch, please),  but am I getting too focused on myself?

My girls are in the next room playing and  running around. Do I want them to grow up staring at themselves in he mirror and taking “before” pictures or do I want them to feel comfortable enough with themselves to not care and to love themselves baby weight and all?

I’m not going to stop trying to lose the weight, I still did my workout today, and I will continue to workout like I’ve been doing for months.

I just think I might need to take a step back and focus on what really matters in my life. My family is not going to love me any less because I’m nowhere near my pre pregnancy weight.

I care what others see and think of me and I have all my life, I don’t think that is going to change. But maybe instead of staring at myself in front of a mirror, I will remember that my daughters are always watching and learning. If I want them to love themselves and their bodies, I am going to have to show them how.



3 thoughts on “Loving Yourself

  1. Well put Brooke! You know I’ve always been one who worries about weight and looks too. I’m also worried about passing my critical nature on to my daughter and fear it may have already started due to some comments she has made. I’ve tried to focus more on my feelings of confidence than feelings of “fat”. I hoping that comments like “Mommy is eating the apple instead of chips because it makes me feel healthy and good” or “I’m changing because this shirt makes me feel happier today” will be a happy medium. I know it would be better to not make body image comments at all when she’s around but I also know that is not realistic for me so I am hoping that focus on how I feel versus how I think I “look” will help some.

    I think it is admirable that you continue to workout and keep on track with your no sugar plan. So many people would give up. I think that by not giving up you are actually setting a great example for your daughters!

    Finally, cut yourself some slack girlie! 😘 Not only is this the third time your body is trying to change back to prebaby, but you also have three little ones to take care of which means far less time to dedicate to yourself. I know you’ve heard that before but it’s true. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you for the encouraging words. My husband and I are really bad about our body images and we have been spelling out words like F-A-T and such. Well, my kids will be able to spell at some point and that tactic is no longer going to work. I am hoping I didn’t offend any of those moms out there who are taking pix of themselves as motivation. I just was so upset yesterday about myself that I felt it was way too self deprecating.


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