Gotta Keep Going

I know I wrote a whole post about wishing I didn’t care about my body and weight loss. But, the funny thing is, once I started losing the weight and kind of seeing results. It made me excited and I wanted to share.

That sound really vain and again, it should not be my focus during Lent.  But, I’m actually feeling good and not as discouraged as I was before.

I am also feeling less self conscious with sharing my picture results, now that I am seeing changes.

Like I have mentioned several times, I have stopped eating desserts.  I was eating candy or desserts at least twice a day and eating chips and other kinds of junk throughout the day, everyday.

I started this journey a bit before Lent just because I had the motivation and didn’t want to lose it.

I was discouraged last week because for about 2 weeks I wasn’t seeing results. My husband was telling  me its because I don’t have much to lose, which I understand. But when you see yourself through your own eyes, you tend to be a lot more harsh than anyone else would and I’d really love to fit into more that one pair of jeans.

I took pictures of myself on February 2nd and took my measurements.

I was 134 pounds. My waist was 36 inches and my hips were 37 inches.

My number one issue is that I had extremely unhealthy eating habits.  I was eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and even though I was working out and trying to lose weight, I was at a standstill.  It doesn’t help that I have an autoimmune disorder, so that was also making it harder to lose the weight.

I had to change my workout routine.  I am continuing to run, because I love to run and its my stress reliever.   I am however, changing up my weight routines lifting heavier weights and making them more challenging.  I only get so much time to workout during the day and I realized I had to make it count.


I decided to weigh and measure myself today. It has been awhile and I am feeling a little better physically and mentally.

Today, February 21st, I weighted 130 pounds. My waist is 34 inches and my hips are 35 1/2 inches.

I am going to post before and after pictures. I feel self conscious about this and please don’t judge.

Before: February 2nd

After: February 21st

I know this is just a slight difference, but to me I see a lot of change.

Its been three weeks of healthy eating, its killing me and all I want at the end of each night is something chocolaty, but I was so addicted to sugar that I needed to do this.  These pictures are giving me the motivation to continue with this lifestyle change.  I am feeling more confident that I can do this.

I am also glad I am doing this during Lent. This journey is really hard for me and when I’m craving snacks and desserts, I have to remember that I made a Lenten promise and I need to stick to it.

I don’t know, maybe this post can encourage others to keep up with their programs and goals and to know that even if you are feeling discouraged, if you keep going, you will see results.



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