A day of failed attempts 

My son has not slept in about 3 nights and as you all know, if baby doesn’t sleep, then momma doesn’t sleep. So I’ve been particularly awesome lately.

Today my son was extra cranky during the day but refused to go down for naps and my two older kids were fighting and acting like wild animals.

I had attempted to do several things today despite the chaos and grumpiness all around me.

1. Homeschool my daughter. My son finds this task to be really offensive, therefore it didn’t happen today.

2. Make gluten free bread. Thanks but no thanks Pinterest. I’m apparently not advanced enough to execute simple directions while baby wearing the fussiest baby in America.

3. Make a basic smoothie with my oldest daughter. This girl is repulsed by most foods. So I thought, hey, she  likes milk and bananas and strawberries. She will love a smoothie. Nope, she hated it. She took one sip, smiled and said, I will give this to Dad.


4. Leave Target with only the few items I had on my list. This is always a hard one. Especially when they mark down their kid clothes.

4. Try not to be crazy. This was my biggest fail. I think I full on lost my marbles about 7 times today! Have you ever yelled at your kids to the point where you think, “wow, I’m totally overreacting, but if I admit defeat, then they win, so I’m gonna continue to act like a crazy person.” ???

I often wonder how much of my kids therapy sessions as adults are going to be about me…


4 thoughts on “A day of failed attempts 

  1. I feel you on all this. My downfall would have been the smoothie. I get super grouchy when I do something special that my daughter doesn’t appreciate. I love your description of the losing it though!


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