Those Toddler Years

All you parents out there are going to understand this post. 

It’s what drives us nuts and makes us desperate all at the same time. 

It’s when our toddlers are so picky about what they will or won’t wear or what color socks they will put on their feet or what spoon they will eat with. 


And when you don’t have the spoon they want, you  bring them all you’ve got in the drawer to find that none are acceptable. 

It’s when they will only wear one certain dress everywhere they go or wake up on the middle of the night because their blanket is flipped to the wrong side.  

  It’s clothes that don’t feel right, bowls that aren’t pink enough, cups with My Little Pony on them instead of Sofia the Princess. 

It’s total meltdowns in public when you forgot their favorite stuffed toy or you brought them crayons to color with instead of their “favorite” marker. 

These are the things that often cause us to break out in a sweat. We panic, there is no telling a 3 year old “Tough, deal with it!” They don’t understand and they will freak out even more. 

They scream from the next room insisting that their big sister took the toy they were playing with even though they weren’t even in the same room as said toy at the time. 

You find yourself telling her sister to just give her the toy to stop her from losing it. Bad parenting, but in the moment, it’s all ya got. 

Toddlers are in that stage where they are growing and learning and trying to show their independence all at the same time. 

They will tell you they understand that they don’t get dessert because they didn’t eat their food. Then 5 minutes later will ask for dessert and cry when you remind them that they don’t get any tonight. 

Thy are transitioning from babies to big kids. That weird stage where they should know better, but really don’t. They are both fun and frustrating all in one. 

God made them cute for a reason, I don’t think most of us won’t survive the toddler years if he didn’t.   



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