Not so Handyman

My dishwasher broke today and I tried to fix it by myself.

It was a mess.

I got home today and realized that my dishwasher wasn’t draining. After a small flood due to me pushing various buttons, I decided to consult my handy owners manual on all things… Google.

Some lady in Texas wrote about how she unscrewed some stuff, unclogged some stuff and went about her lovely day without breaking a sweat.

Well, if a lady in Texas could do it, so could I,  I’m known as being a very handy person (insert sarcastic tone).

(My son is screaming bloody murder in this picture.)

Lies, it was all lies! This was not easy. It was hard and I’m pretty sure I will never try and fix anything ever again.

Please don’t ask why, but I just want everyone to know right now that I had to suck water out of my dishwasher with a turkeybaster. It took F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

And after 2 hours of being thoroughly grossed out by what is in my dishwasher, I did not fix the problem.

I had to hand wash my dishes…

Then I called our home warranty company to be told that a guy would come tomorrow sometime between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

I then promptly gave up on life and fed my children pancakes for dinner…

This is my daughter deciding she didn’t need her plate during dinner.  That seems about right.

Now to start praying that the repairman feels a great need to come to my house first thing tomorrow morning instead of making me wait all day.

Good Night.


2 thoughts on “Not so Handyman

  1. This made me laugh, the struggle of being a mother. We are absolutely the world to everyone, but the simple things such as being Ms.fix it, is not always in our cards for the day. Love the photo’s.


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