It’s Time For a Change

I did it folks. I hit my all time low.  100% a mess.

I was going to our church today to teach a class on Saints to 3 and 4 year olds.

I live pretty far away, so in order to be slightly early to set up, I needed to leave the house by 9:00am.

Problem is, my baby doesn’t usually get up till 9:00 am.

Please, don’t think that this is super awesome for me, because A. He is up most of the night and B. It’s the reason I’m usually late everywhere I go.

Today, I actually woke him a tad bit earlier. I feel horrible waking babies.  A sleeping baby is usually a good thing, right?

This morning, as I had about 6 minutes to feed him before I got dressed, he peed a little on the tank top I was wearing under the shirt I wore to bed…

But after feeding my baby and trying to get some snacks packed and clothes on my body, I had kind of pushed the potty issue out of my mind.

So, I  threw on some jeans and a bulky sweater  over the shirt I slept in and headed out the door.

It was in the car that I remembered my baby had peed on me…

I’m totally gross.

What kind of mom low do you have to hit to go teach a class with baby pee on you?

I mean grocery store, Target, ok, not a huge deal, but to be around other adults and their children…

I’m sure in the scheme of things this isn’t as bad as I’m making it.

But, let’s be honest, I’m not one who exudes style and grace. My kids have better fashion sense than me.

When I worked after having my first child, I was somewhat fashionable and put together. I did my hair, wore dresses and high heels. Becoming a stay at home mom and having two more kids, the effort has gone downhill. Apparently so much, that I’m wearing pee shirts to church.

I’ve always envied moms who are up on all the latest fashions, have their hair done daily and have flawless makeup.

Listen, for almost $200 a pop, I just can’t afford to get my hair done. A cut and color is not in the cards every 6 weeks. But, in order to keep those gray hairs at bay, I have to do something, so boxed home hair dye it is. Also, for a while I was making my husband cut my hair. I know, very horrifying to most women.

Makeup is usually whatever I can steal from my moms department store freebee leftovers and there’s no mascara or eyeliner going on over here.

I do my best with what I’ve got. My jeans are usually clean and I try to make sure my tops are somewhat presentable.

I do however get into my yoga pants first thing after walking in the door to my house.

It also drives me crazy that my husband can put on jeans and a t-shirt and look really good. I do the same and look like a slob. What gives!

I swear I usually have good intentions but by the time I get three kids ready with clothes and hair and snacks, all I can muster is something fast and simple. I don’t have time to try anything on or change my outfit more than once.

I know, first world problems, but it’s a slump I’ve fallen in to and need to get out of.

Really, when you have more workout shirts than any decent tops in you wardrobe, you know there is a problem.


I think my first line of work is to throw out these bad boys, what do you think? I’ve got to start somewhere.



2 thoughts on “It’s Time For a Change

  1. Lol, we all have those moments and I never even learned how to put on make up, so you’re still ahead of me! Maybe we can go shoe shopping together because my sneakers are from college…I remember because I got them with Craig while we were dating lol


    1. Haha, I don’t even bother anymore. I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas and was looking for shoes… I showed my nieces he ones I wanted to buy and they were like ” those look like mom shoes…” Um, yeah, well, I guess I’m a mom, so that’s accurate…apparently I’m just not cool on top of it all. 😂


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