Boys and Girls

My daughter told me that a boy in her co-op class told her she was pretty.

I died!

They are 5! What does this boy know about telling a girl she is pretty.

I asked her what she said to him and apparently she just said, “Oh, Thanks.”

As a mother, you of course think your children are beautiful, so I certainly agreed with this boy. But, this is too soon, she’s too young.

I actually panicked a little. I asked  her a lot of questions like, how did she feel when he said this and did she know what it meant.

She told me she was sure that it was due to the georgeous Hello Kitty dress and Hello Kitty sweatshirt she was wearing. Okay, phew, she is still clueless.

My husband and I laughed about it later. One day a boy was going to be truley gaga for our daughter and it just seemed so funny as  we watched her in the playroom practicing her Karate moves on a balloon while wearing nothing but her underwear.

I think about the man that will marry her and wonder if he can handle this strong willed, free spirit.

Will he be able to keep up with her energy and her inability to ever slow down?

Can he handle an attitude and sarcasm?

And most importantly, is he okay with living in my basement, because my first born baby will not be leaving me, ever.

Our kids grow up so fast and they don’t stay innocent for long. Soon my daughter will understand what it means when a boy says she is pretty. She will be happy to hear those words.

I just want to keep her little for as long as I can. I don’t want her to care about boys and all the complications that go along with liking them.

I knew I would have to start thinking about all this one day, but I’m not ready now. It’s too soon.


2 thoughts on “Boys and Girls

  1. I always talk to Blake about how compliments are a gift for a lifetime. He’s told 50+ yr old women they are pretty. 🙂


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