Opposites Attract 

My daughters are so different from each other.

My oldest is a lot like me. Strong willed, short tempered, sarcastic and extroverted.

My 3 year old is her dad. Easy going, peace keeper and an introvert.

They get along most of the time. Just like their father and me, opposites attract. They compliment each other.

Growing up I didn’t have any siblings close to my age. My sisters were 10 and 14 years older than me, so it was sometimes like being an only child. I always wished I could have a sibling close in age to me.

Because of this, it makes me so happy to see them play together and be there for each other.

Although, they are  really close, it’s so obvious their differences.

Like how my oldest loves to be around people. She will talk to anyone she meets. If she sees a man in a wheelchair, you bet she will ask him if he is doing okay.

My middle child likes to be left alone. She’s the type that if someone says hello to her, she might have a full blown meltdown.

She is also the one we can never find in the house because she is alone in some corner whispering softly to her dolls.

Our oldest we can always find, because when we turn around, we are tripping over her.

Every morning my oldest asked me what chores she can do around the house. She is always wanting to make beds, clean dishes, sweep or organize. My spitting image.

My 3 year old on the other hand wound rather do anything as long as it doesn’t include cleaning and organizing.

This morning my husband and I overheard this conversation from their bedroom:

5 yo: Help me organize these books

3yo: Nooooo! It’s too heavy!!!! (Loud dramatic sob)

5 yo: Help me now!!!

(Silence followed by a loud crash)

3yo: (sobbing) I caaaaaannnnntttt!

(Just a side note, my oldest took on this project at her own free will. I did not ask her to.)

I wouldn’t say my 3 yo is is lazy (not to her face), but she’s definitely not one to do any vigorous or manual labor.

I asked her at school last week to carry the craft she made, which consisted of a paper shamrock on a piece of paper.

She said that there was no way she could carry it for me.  It was just too hard.

Statements like this are always followed by a dramatic fake sob and sometimes just to show us how hard it really is, she will fall to the ground limp.

I say this often, but it’s such a good thing that my 3 yo is so cute.

I love though how they balance each other out. My oldest always takes the lead. She makes up the games and stories that they play. It use to bother me, but my 3 yo doesn’t mind and let’s her big sister take the lead.

And although the fights are pretty brutal some times… I seriously didn’t know that such small people could scream (or hit) like that…you can tell they really are best friends and love each other and I hope that never changes.


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