A Wonderful Day

It became spring in Virginia about 5 days ago.

I couldn’t be happier!

I also got an email from my favorite antique dealer that today and this weekend she was setting up shop in a small town near me.

I’ve been on the prowl for some outdoor pieces, so as soon as the dishwasher repair man came and went (yes, I now have a working dishwasher!!!!) we headed out.

I’m obsessed with antique and thrift store shopping. I don’t always buy, but I love just being there and looking.

Every once in a while I will find something that I have to have.

I find antique stores beautiful. Small spaces with so much history. I think they are really cool.

I’m sure I drive all these owners crazy because I bring all three of my kids with me wherever I go, including antique stores.

I think I told my girls to stop touching stuff 87 times today.

I find in situations like these, if you smile and make small jokes about your nutty kids, owners tend not to be so uppity.

Now, growing up in Arizona, I would not have been caught dead decorating my home with any southwestern textiles or decorations.

Of course, now that I live in Virginia, I’m attracted to all things that remind me of Arizona.

I was immediately drawn to these 2 rugs.

I had to have one. I chose the green and red one. My husbands gonna hate it. But I’m in love.

My 3 year old fell in love with a ring with a huge pink rock on it. I feel sorry for the man who is going to propose to her one day. She has very expensive taste.

The town we went to today is a really cute, quaint town that we wish we could live in, but like most Virginia towns, it’s a little out of our price range.

So, I have to settle for using beautiful days like this to walk around.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that one of our favorite bakery’s has opened here, a lot closer to us than its sister store.


I can’t eat anything here due to allergies but the girls love their cookies.
All in all, a great day. We’ve been running around like crazy people for the past few weeks so it was great to just have this day to relax and explore.

I just want to end on this note, I will never complain again about having to load and unload the dishwasher.

This is such a beautiful sight.


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