The Choices We Make

Sometimes it’s just easier to go with the flow, choose your battles and not sweat the small stuff. 

As parents, we have two options in some situation. Put our foot down and say no or just let our kids do what they need to do and be okay with it. 

For example, I had to go to the doctor today and my 3 yo told me she was bringing two toy picnic baskets full of play food with her in the car for some sort of challenge she was doing. I had no idea what she was talking about so I just let it happen. It was only the car ride, so no big deal. 

When we got to the doctor, she insisted on bringing them in with her. 

I was in hurry so I just let it go. Of course while in the waiting room, every time she moved one or opened one it sang a very loud song. 

I’m sure all the others patients there were super excited that I was feeling laid back today. 

Other times in some situations, parents can decide to get either get angry or to find the humor.

I’m usually one to get mad. I have a short fuse and feel stressed most of the time. But sometimes my kids will do something and I have a totally unexpected reaction. 

Like today when my 5 year old decided to cut her own hair. Something she knows is not okay. 

I actually couldn’t stop giggling. I was trying to “parent” her about it but couldn’t keep a straight face. It just looks so silly. This made her really mad. She did not understand why I would find humor in her misfortune. 

As much as these kids drive me nuts, I will always appreciate the times they make me laugh. 

Being a parent is like being on a roller coaster. Your emotions as well as your kids are constantly going up and down throughout the day. One minute you’re all laughing, the next someone is crying and then someone is mad. It’s exhasting. 

The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that one day my kids are going to grow up and leave to pursue their own lives. As hard as these times are, I will miss them when they are gone. 

It kind of makes it all worth it. 


3 thoughts on “The Choices We Make

  1. Arei cut her bangs once and came to me as if her hair was falling out! It was the funniest thing bc it just stood straight up for the longest time. It would go back in a ponty tail for a year. Natural consequence….she will never do it again!


  2. awwww i couldn’t agree more. I too get stressed out especially when in public. i just hate the judging eyes to be honest. i should really stop caring. But i love it when kids are kids and we as parents are happy and ok even if it means they cut their hair.


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