The Not So Right Way to Start A Garden

So, you’ve decided to start a garden?

First  read a thousand articles on Pinterest on How to Garden.

Then ooh and ahh over how cute it all looks and how great it’s going to be when you are fully stocked with the yummiest vegetables around.

Convince your handy husband to build you planter boxes. Pick a day that is cloudy and slightly cold and your husband feels ill.

Drag your children kicking and screaming to Lowes on this chilly day.  Bribe them with donuts and threaten them with the loss of those donuts every time they complain or start fighting.

Have your list of things you need but then feel extremely overwhelmed at the thought of gardening and have a slight panic. Feel the need to abort mission.

Decide you have to stick with it since your husband just loaded up with heavy wood for your planter boxes.

Stop using your list and just start throwing random seeds and equipment into your basket.

Container gardens are all the rage, so get lots of those.

Buy you stuff, feel accomplished.

Try to get those donuts but find out a small donut shop with a pinup girls theme does not do well in a small town and have to go to Starbucks for cake pops instead.

Go home and start this wonderful gardening process.

Work fast because it looks like rain.

Have no idea what you are doing and start filling containers for your strawberries and blueberries.

Cross your fingers that they don’t die in the next few weeks.

Have your husband make that planter box and have him fill it.

He promises to make you more another day.

Stare at his work and get really excited for the gardening road ahead.

Feel disappointed you can’t start today because the weather forecast has once again lied to you. Go inside because it’s just too cold.


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