From Bar Crawls to Crafts

St. Patrick’s day is coming up. I’ve been  looking for crafts, stories and recipes to share with my kids for the occasion. This day will be a learning experience for my homeschoolers.

But, I remember a time when this holiday and holidays like it were not learning days for our kids but days we used for partying.

Those pre-baby days where we could do whatever we wanted and go wherever we wanted. Spending a whole day bar hopping and celebrating a holiday for no reason other than the bars were open all day.

Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, New Years, Flag Day, Presidents Day… Well, not all of these, but you get it. When you are young and baby free you can “celebrate” all these holidays,  call in sick to work, go to a festival and  park yourself in the beer garden.

Now when you go to Octoberfest  you’re dragging your kids along and instead of grabbing a weinershnitzer and immediately going to the beer garden, you are getting faces painted and hitting up the nearest bounce house.

Valentine’s Day was about being romantic with your significant other, not spent making elaborate valentines for your child’s preschool class.

We weren’t printing out St. Patrick pictures and gluing them onto toilet paper roles.


Or making St. Patrick’s Day pinwheel cookies

We were instead wearing “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirts and participating in a bar crawls.

For a split second this morning I was feeling nastalgic and envious of my youth.

I then remembered that I’m a mom, I’m old and allergic to beer. While those shenanigans were fun when I was younger, the thought makes me cringe now. I would so much rather be indoors crafting and baking with these two.


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