A Little Sacrifice 

Sacrificing for our families.

I’m not talking about the obvious sacrifices we make in our lives as parents. It’s a given for most of us that we sacrifice our bodies,  some hobbies, certain vices and the big one, our sanity.

I’m talking about those little sacrifices we can make daily to bring us out of our “busy lives” and connect us with those we love.

I’m guilty of putting everyday chores and errands before my kids.

The phrase “no honey, I can’t, I’m busy…” Is so common in my vocabulary, I’m surprised my kids haven’t given up on me. I’m glad they haven’t, because one day they will if I keep it up. One day they will be telling me that they are too busy.

There is not enough time in the day.

From the time we get up, to the time we go to bed, we are busy. We are cleaning, making meals, shopping, volunteering, working.

Don’t get me wrong, these things are important. They are what make our families run.

But, every once in a while, we need to learn to say “yes, I can play with you….yes, I will read to you.”

Way too many times during the day, I show them that cleaning is more important than they are.

I think about those signs I see  for homes that have the catchphrase, “My Home’s a Mess, but My Kids Are Happy.”

I think my sign would look more like “My House is pretty Clean, My Errands are Done, But, My Kids Are Feeling a Bit Emotioanlly Neglected.”

Sounds awful, right? And to realize this as a parent, is really pretty heart breaking.

How hard would it be for me to read them a few books in the afternoon or play a game with them?

How hard would it be to let some dishes pile up or let the playroom stay messy for one whole day.

This is the time I need to be showing them my love. I don’t want them growing up to treat their kids this way, so why do I do it to them?

We become so wrapped up in ourselves and what we think we need to be doing daily that we forget as parents our first priority should be raising our children.

For example, my children and I had a busy day today. We got home pretty late in the afternoon. I needed (wanted) to clean, put dinner in the crockpot  and then workout.  I did clean and make dinner and was going to get ready to workout. I sat down in the kitchen for a minute.

This is when I realized I don’t spend time with my kids. I’m with them all day and I homeschool and take them with me wherever I go. But I don’t usually spend actual quality time with them.

I walked into their playroom and asked if I could read to them. They stopped what they were doing and jump at the chance to cuddle up with me and read.

That’s when it hit me. They just want me to focus on them, be there for them, cuddle with them.

They love me. Through all my faults, they still truley love me.

Now, I’m not saying as parents we can’t have some time to ourselves or do what we need to do during the day.

I read to them spent some time cuddling and talking to them. It was their quiet time so I turned a show on for them and went to workout.

But, I now realize that taking time out of my busy day to just be with them is totally doable and something I should prioritize.

I have years ahead of me to clean and run errands. One day the cuddles will stop. They grow up too fast and I will wish I had this time back.


4 thoughts on “A Little Sacrifice 

  1. It is hard to find that kid-work-me time balance sometimes. Tonight I left the kitchen a mess and played with the kids after dinner. It will drive me crazy to walk into a disaster of a kitchen in the am, but you are right. They are only young once. There will be dirty dishes every day!


  2. I came to the same realization awhile back. I try to color or read with my daughter during the day now. She would always ask in her pretty little voice “mom, will you color with me?” or “would you read this with me?”, and I would always say “in just a minute I have to do this or that”. Now, I’m asking her 😉

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