Luck O’ The Irish Or Something to That Effect 

I hate being sick and as parents we don’t get sick days. 

There is no curling up in a warm bed to sleep it off or laying around and binge watching our favorite Netflix shows. 

Chances are that one or more of your kids is sick along with you. So you get to feel awful while catering to others who feel the same way. 

There is no sleeping through the night. Your kids will use this oportunity to wake up 85 times demanding your full attention or if you have a baby and they feel icky, they will want to nurse all night.

So, needless to say, on this St. Patrick’s Feast Day, I’m feeling quit awful. I had a lot planned for today, I always say I’m going to to be Suzy Homemaker on these holidays. Baking cupcakes for Valentines Day, cookies for 4th of July. And today it was going to be Irish Soda Bread and a cute dessert  for the girls. 

But alas, I can barely function and after my dog ran away earlier and I had to scour the neighborhood for 3 hours because she might get eaten by a bear, I’m spent. She’s home now, and the little pisser is very ungrateful for her rescue. 

While we were hunting her down, my other dog got jealous and let us know by trying to distroy the toilet paper I bought. 


I did however get in some homeschooling and some St. Patrick crafts. Thanks Pinterest.

 I told my girls the story of St. Patrick, including the fact that he was English and taken by the Irish as a slave. I later told them that we are Irish. My oldest was  horrified. Needless to say, I traumatized her. I don’t think that was a good lead up story to our Irish Ancestry. 


I also made dinner tonight (yay, me). 

I figured since I am Irish, I needed to at least make an Irish meal. 

I found some “Irish flavored” sausages. That’s exciting for a person who doesn’t like to cook.  


I also tried making potato pancakes… Mine NEVER turn out like they are supposed to. I either burn them or they don’t cook long enough.

 I jazzed  up the recipe I found by adding cheese and bacon, because no matter what, cheese and bacon are always better. 




Quite the bleak looking plate. If you were wondering, did add some veggies later.  

I’m not a huge potato fan and with my cold I really couldn’t taste this meal anyway, but it did get good reviews from my husband. So, I must have done pretty good. 

Trying to make the potato pancakes took longer than if I would have just baked a Sheperds Pie or made Bangers and Mash. So, lesson learned. 

I do feel like death right now, but since my baby took a 6 o’clock nap, we will be up for a lot longer. 

Hope everyone else had a good St. Paddy’s Day. 



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