Just Get Through The Day

My 3 year old refuses to eat any flavor of yogurt except for strawberry. Most larger yogurt packs will come with 2 flavors, usually strawberry and something horrid like cotton candy. Luckily my oldest isn’t picky. 

I have really been trying to cut down on grocery costs lately and found a 16 pack of yogurts for cheaper than the 12 pack. Great, except that the only flavor pack they had was cherry and blueberry. 

I took a chance and bought them. I convinced my daughter that all pink yogurt is strawberry. She bought it. 

So, the other day when my husband was getting my kids yogurt and I heard, “I’m sorry, honey, I only have cherry…” I ran into the kitchen,  grabbed the pink one and said “Daddy is mistaken, this pink one is strawberry… Silly Daddy!” 

My husband is usually not current on all the things I try to convince my children of. They sometimes change daily just like my kids preferences do. 

I started thinking after this incident about all the things I do and say to my kids just to get us through most days. 

You might call them lies, bribes and threats, but I call them surviving parenthood. 

A parent has to be careful though, kids have the mind of a steal trap when they want to. 

So, mention during a snow storm that they can’t go outside for a picnic,  but when it gets warmer you will take them on a picnic at the park. Well, I guarantee the first sign of sun will have them reminding you of that picnic conversation. All. Day. Long!   

Bribing is something else I find myself doing more and more these days. Cake pops at Target if they behave. Chick-Fil-A, if they are good at the dentist.  

 I’ve written before about my oldest refusing to try new foods. I’ve resorted to bribery because I’m just so sick of the battle. So, offering two cookies for dessert instead of one and letting her skip her carrots, seems very minor in the scheme of things. 

The word threat is so harsh. I like to call it a one sided negotiation. Clean your room or I’m throwing all your toys away. 

It’s getting dicey though. They are pretty close to calling my bluff. Next time I will actually need to bring a garbage bag with me. 

I think parents have a pass though. Many of us are hanging on by a thread. That thread is keeping us from falling into crazy town. We do what we can and if that means a few lies and life threatening along the way, well, then, we gotta do what we gotta do. 



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