Don’t Mess With My Sister And More Stranger Danger

My daughters make me laugh.

First of all, they spend about 80% of their days, screaming at each other, getting mad at each other and tattle- telling on each other.

So, I laugh when they are in social situations and are suddenly best friends and each other’s protector.

Today was a beautiful day. I took them to the local park. The place was a mad house because it’s finally warm and spring break.

One thing both my girls will not tolerate are boys who play rough anywhere near them.  They can’t stand it and are often very vocal about it.

I try to explain that boys just play differently and aren’t usually trying to be offensive.

Well, today, my daughters were not having it.

Any boy who came near them was met with a scowl and a “watch out!!!”

So, I wasn’t surprised when we almost had a small incident.

While playing, my 3 year old was on a stool under the playground equipment and a boy, probably 5 years old, sat down next to her with his friend and said, “roar!”

A very typical boy thing. I don’t even think he was being mean, I think it was just  his quirky way of saying hi.

My 3 to old started crying and ran over to her sister.  And, like most males dealing with females, the boy and his friend looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders in total confusion.

My oldest was livid.

I heard her say, “show me which boy ‘roared’ at you!?!?! He is mean and a bully and I will tell him so!!!”

By this time the boys had run off, so I wasn’t worried about anything going down, I just continued to see how it would play out.

My oldest basically told every girl in the park what happened while she asked if they had seen this boy. They never found him.

This girl was about to throw down for her younger sister. Yeah, it was extreme, but secretly,  I was impressed. It’s those moments that make you realize that even though they are at each other’s throats most days, they really do love each other.

I also would like to add a bit of an extension to my post from yesterday, regarding “Stranger Danger…”

For a minute while I was cleaning up our area today at the park, I lost track of my oldest.

True to nature, I look across the park and she is petting a strangers dog.

Seriously, this kid is killing me!

I quickly located my 3 year old and then got over to my oldest. The older woman informed me she was their with her grandchildren. I was irritated with my daughter and wary of this woman.

She ended up being really nice though and introduced us to her twin granddaughters.

Once again, trying to teach about stranger danger and end up making a new friend. Kind of a parent fail.

But, what I really want to say to this “stranger” and many others like her is, “if you are an adult and have a pet, candy or balloons, please don’t come to a park. It’s just making my job as a parent harder.”


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