I Don’t Want To Babysit Your Kids

Look, I get it.

Shopping at a mall is brutal with kids. They are whiny and will bug the living daylight out of you. If you have more than one kid, they will start fighting or getting lost amongst the forest of clothing racks.

It’s nerve wracking.

As a mom I just don’t go to the mall unless I’m there to let the kids play in the play area. It’s not worth it.

There are those parents however, that think it’s perfectly fine to drop their rambunctious pre-teens off at the play area and go shopping sans their young terrors.

Here’s the deal.

Although, your sweet angels may be beautifully behaved children under your supervision at home (which, I highly doubt it), here in public, alone, they are the worst.

Thank you for dropping your children off in order for them to be babysat by me and the other parents who were responsible enough to stay with their kids. (Huge, eye roll.)

Because, that’s what we are doing…babysitting your kids.

You may say, ” just ignore them, they will be fine.”

Well, they are not.

They are free (so they think). Free to play whatever and however they want. Whatever you taught them about being nice, gentle or respectful, they have thrown out the door.

And here’s the deal.

If you drop your kids off and leave, it is now free game for other parents to let your kids know when they are being jerks.

I will tell your kids to watch out for little ones. I wil tell them they are playing too rough. I will tell them to stop swearing (yes, your little angel has a mouth like a trucker when you are not around).

When your kids start fighting with each other UFC style or spitting on each other, I’m going to stop them and tell them they are ridiculous.

It’s not fair to put that burden on other parents and I’m pretty sure the rules say you need to be a certain age or size and parents have to watch you.

So, when you are over at the Gap trying on those skinny jeans in peace, just know that there is another parent (whom you don’t know), making sure your kid is behaving and not getting kidnapped.

You’re Welcome.

(Haha, no, my kids were not lovely angels like this the whole time!)


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Babysit Your Kids

  1. The mall in the town that I live in has. Curfew for juveniles. On weekends/holidays juveniles must be accompanied by parents/and/or guardians_especially during the evenings.

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  2. All of thathappened because local police had to respond to large numbers of unaccompanied juveniles in the evenings and on weekends, they were scaring away business, local bkiusinesses worked with police to establish mall policies that protect local business at night/weekends while controlling juveniles- y insisting that they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or–not allowed to come I to the mall.


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