An Open Letter…

To the older woman at Easter Brunch today…

Thank you for being kind.

You may or may not have seen our struggle.

Two parents trying desprately to have a nice meal with 3 wiggly, giggly, little kids.

Most  brunch goers stared at us, probably wondering why we would dare take our kids to a nice restaurant. Annoyed and judging us.

I thought you were one of them. You kept looking at us while you and your husband ate. No smile, no gleam in your eye.

Things got a little dicey when we found out the afternoon brunch did not have any waffle bar or pancakes. Our kids hated everything there was to offer. Shrimp macaroni and cheese was not a hit.

We had just endured an hour and a half mass with a cranky baby an Easter crowd you would not believe and a reservation mix-up.

We have no extended family in town, no one to celebrate with. We wanted to go out, start a tradition. We know it was a mistake, but we needed to do something as a family.

By the end we were tired and frustrated. Trying to keep our kids quiet, trying to keep them from bouncing off the walls.

As we left, defeated, you caught up to us at the door and told me that we have such a beautiful family. You just wanted us to know.

These words of kindness meant everything to us on this Easter Day.

This day,  that is supposed to be so joyful. This day that made us forget what Easter is all about. You reminded us what really matters.

Thank you for this.

(My daughter refusing to eat anything but bread and fruit.)


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