My Motherhood Evolution

Every mom will go through a sort of evolution when having babies.

Of course, the way you view pregnancy and motherhood varies depending on how many kids you have and how far apart they are in age.

This post sums up my journey as a mother.

First Baby:

When you are pregnant, make sure you take those pre-natal vitamins. Drink plenty of water and take it easy.

Get all the  baby equipment that is manufactured. Buy a crib, swing, pack n play, bassinet, boppy, high chair, swing, bouncy chair, car seat and stroller set, running stroller, sound machine, lullaby CDs, blankets and a million clothes.

Once baby arrives, don’t leave the house for 3 months except for grocery store with husband or for a target run at 8 am.

Anyone in public who coughs near the baby will be received with a look of death.

Make sure to take 1,000 pictures of the baby everyday and post all of them to Facebook, because every stinkin’ pose and outfit is so adorable everyone will want to see.

Make sure all your babies clothes are pristine when going out in public.

First baby has specific nap times. You must be in the house during these times. This is really important you can never be flexible.

Make sure to obsess over everything your baby does. Make sure to know when they have hit every milestone. Know exactly when they first rolled over, sat, crawled and walked. Worry that they are not on target. Consult all books and the Internet.

Call the doctor anytime your baby makes a weird noise or sneezes.


 Second Baby:

Forget you are  pregnant sometimes because you are too busy taking care of your busy toddler.

Take pre- natal vitamins for the first 6 months of pregnancy.

Read a few books, mainly just to use the dinner recipes that are listed in the back.

You can’t  take it easy because you are busy chasing around your toddler.

Don’t buy any baby equipment because you already have it all. Keep most of it in storage.

If having the same gender as your first, don’t bother buying any new clothes.

Don’t notice when your second child rolls over for the first time, sits for the first time or crawls for the first time.

Second baby has no specific nap time. She will have to nap when you are either in the car or in between first babies activity schedule.

All of second babies clothes are hand me downs, most of them have stains on them.

Take about 20 pictures of your second baby total. Put 1 or 2 on Facebook.


Third Baby:

Surprise, you’re having another baby!

Don’t take pre-natal vitamins because they make you nauseous.

Really don’t take this pregnancy easy because now you have 2 kids you are busy running around after.

Feel really old and really sore during pregnancy.

Sell all unnecessary baby equipment of Facebook yard sale sites.

Find out you are having a boy, buy a few new outfits.

Throw away all baby books.

Sign up for as many volunteer positions you can for the upcoming school year because you are a crazy pregnant lady.

Once baby is born, don’t take it easy and try to continue on with your life as if nothing had happened.

Take your third baby to the park with your older kids a week after he is born.

Feel completely overwhelmed when you have your third baby because now you are outnumbered.

Take a decent amount of pictures. Upload some on Facebook.


Ahhh, motherhood…



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