That’s Not Just Boys

I met a woman at the park today who was trying to tell me how different boys and girls are. 

She was explaining to me that her 6 year old daughter was so calm and could sit for hours nicely coloring or looking at books.

As she is going on and on about how hyper boys are and how they can’t stand still for more than a few seconds, I immediately thought of my oldest child. My daughter. 

This woman is telling me her woes about having a boy and I’m thinking, “uh, that’s not just boys.” 

My daughter, my lovely, sweet, smart, hyper, rambunctious  daughter. 

Some people assume because I have two girls I have it easy.  They picture my daughters playing dolls quietly, sitting calmly putting together a puzzle, snuggling up to their mom for story time.

But, that is far from my reality. 

My 3 year old, yes, she is calm and quiet and can sit for long periods of time playing with her dolls. 

My 5 year old however, is the opposite. She can’t sit still for long periods of time. This child stands up to eat dinner. 

She is constantly chatting with us or anyone she meets. 

All day long I hear, “mom, mom, look at me.” 

“Mom, see how fast I can run.” “Mom, look how high I can jump.” “Mom, let’s have a race…a contest.” “Mom, watch my karate moves.” 

I’m not exaggerating. She goes all day. From the moment she wakes to when her head hits her pillow. 

A lot of you out there know what I’m talking about. We all probably have one kid (or more) like this.

And seriously, as a parent, how am I supposed to deal with it. I’ve been trying to figure it out for years. 

I read articles that tell me not to “break her spirit.” But honestly, I am so tired by the end of the day, all I can do is lose my mind. 

Things like a simple bath turn into a screaming match because she can’t just sit there and get washed. She is constantly screaming and splashing and rough housing and as most of you know, by bath time your nerves are so shot, there is no more nice mom or dad. 

Her constant moving and going, often get her in trouble. She doesn’t stop to think, she just does stuff. Whether she is saying things she shouldn’t or tormenting her sister or making a huge mess. 

The problem however, is she does not respond to yelling and sadly I’m a hot head who yells. 

On a good day, I can stop and collect myself before reacting to her. On a bad day, I blow up and it doesn’t seem to phase her. This of course makes me even more frustrated. 

I love my daughter to death. She makes me laugh and really has a kind heart. But she is stubborn…so stubborn. 

I know I have to figure her out soon. The teenage years are going to sneak up on my husband and I. That sounds dramatic, but seriously, I’m scared. 


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