New Territory

I’m in new territory right now. 

What do you do when your kids start lying?

I don’t mean the little lies you can get them to admit right away. 

I’m talking the big lies, where you know they are lying and they just won’t break. 

It’s a little scary. As a parent you are 89% sure they are lying. They are kind of crying while telling you they are not lying. But, you just have this feeling that they are. 

My 3 year old came to me crying. Tears streaming down her face about something she claimed her older sister did. 

When I confronted her older sister, she insisted her little sister was just trying to get her in trouble. 

But she’s 3. Does a 3 year old truly know how to manipulate like that? I mean, she was really distressed. 

Am I being too hard on my 5 year old? Should I believe her? 

I don’t know.

Because now, if my 5 year old was telling the truth, then I have scarred her. Showing her that even if she tells the truth I will take her sisters side. 

But if she is lying, then wow, now what?


4 thoughts on “New Territory

  1. Never a dull moment with parenting! I am venturing down the same path. I just talked to my kids about lying this morning as a matter of fact! What I have tried doing is telling them that it will hurt me more if they lie than if they just be honest. I have taken them down the “what if” road leading to separation and hurt and lies upon lies. And then the honest road that leads to forgiveness even if it is hard to admit you did something wrong. I ask God for wisdom for things to be revealed. Blessings!

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