My Catholic Mom Friends

Sometimes, being a Catholic mom is hard. Especially when it seems like all the other Catholic  moms are doing it so much better than you.

Things like being patient and showing your children through example, of how to live in Gods grace. 

Those things I don’t do well. I’m impatient and quick tempered. One minute I’m telling them to love the Lord, the next minute I’m freaking out over a mess they’ve made. 

I see those moms who can homeschool their 4 or more kids and still have a smile on their face by the end of the day and I’m envious. I’ve already realized I can’t even homeschool one child. And trust me, my smile is gone the second I tell her it’s time for school.

I struggle. I feel like I am stuck in between wanting to use my day to teach my kids about Gods love and the realities of life. I’m stressed and overwhelmed most of the time. Im not using my time as a mom to teach my kids much of anything. 

I look at my Catholic friends. They seem so strong in their faith. So sure of themselves. The are kind and loving. Always striving to do what is best for their families. I admire these women. They make me laugh, they make me love my faith, they make me want to be better mother and wife. 

These women, no matter how I’m feeling as a mother, are always there to commiserate. They don’t judge me, they understand my worries and struggles. 

I love them for that. I love the fact that I can be myself. Sarcastic and snarky and yet they seem okay with it. I can moan and groan about my kids and they will either moan and groan along with me or give me real sound advice. 

I’m constantly learning from these women. Learning how they manage their kids and faith. Learning how they stay true to themselves. Learning to they put God first.

I thank these women for showing me what it means to be Catholic and a mother. They inspire me and I am forever grateful to have them in my life.  


4 thoughts on “My Catholic Mom Friends

  1. Don’t be hard on yourself! Try hard and let the chips fall where they may. Motherhood is a lot of self-sacrifice and it sounds like you are completely NORMAL!!! <> Four of my nine kids are now out of the house and I remember feeling completely overwhelmed sometimes. Heck, sometimes I still feel completely overwhelmed. We need each other ❤


    1. sorry, just getting back to you, I had stopped blogging when my youngest got mobile and would no longer let me use my computer…such is life, right :). You’re right though, we do need each other. It’s so helpful to know that you aren’t the only mom out there feeling overwhelmed.


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