Dads Home!

11 days. 

That’s how long I was home alone with my children. 

I’m tired. 

My husband came home last night from a business trip. My girls were beside themselves with excitement. 

They got presents and candy and were sent back to bed.

Both my husband and I were exhausted. Him from his trip and all day of traveling and me from these insane children. 

You never realize how much you need your spouse until they are gone.

Granted, he does work all day during the week and doesn’t get home until after dinner sometimes. But it’s that hour or two before bedtime that makes all the difference. That time when I can just breathe and my kids leave me alone because they want dad. 

It’s the fact that he gives the baths and reads them their nighttime stories. 

It’s him being tired from work but listening to me ramble on about my day.

While he is gone I don’t have time to dwell on him not being there. I miss him, but I’m so busy wrangling up kids 24/7, that I just don’t think about much. 

But when he comes home, I realize how hard it is without him. Just to have the focus taken off me for one Sarurday or one evening can mean everything. 

And really, the kids don’t want me all the time. They love their dad and there are something’s  he just does better than me. I can’t be both mom and dad all the time. 

Today my kids were nuts. They were so excited that dad was home. All day it was, “dad, play with us… Dad look what I can do.” 

Even though he was tired and adjusting to being home. He did play with them and watch their tricks. He’s a good dad and we are so glad to have him home. 



15 thoughts on “Dads Home!

  1. 11 days. That’s rough! My husband always works late too, but that last hour or two with his help at the end of the day makes all the difference. As moms, we just make things work when we need to without even thinking, until suddenly we get a break or have someone to help. Keep up the good work mama!! I’m glad to hear dad is home and you’re getting a break. πŸ™‚

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  2. That’s funny I read this tonight, since my husband is gone (for just one night.) And yes, the bedtime meltdown with both girls screaming, I couldn’t hear myself think so I just didn’t for an hour or two. Whew! Hope you’re doing well. (I appreciate you following my blog, btw:)


    1. haha, its like by the end of the night, everyone (including me) is just done! sometimes my daughter is hysterical and I cant calm her and them my husband walks in and she is totally fine…go figure. So, when he is gone, its a mad house around here. πŸ™‚


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