I Have A Baby Boy and I’m Nervous. 

7 months ago I had a baby boy. I was scared! What was I going to do with a boy?

I come from a family of 3 girls and I have 2 daughters.

Well, I can say this, I fell in love instantly.

When I was giving birth and mid push the doctor yelled, “ohmigosh, he is so cute, he is playing with the top of his head.” I knew right then and there that I was going to like this kid.

And I do, I like him a lot. I’ve never met a happier baby. He is constantly giggling and smiling. He loves a good joke and intensely watches his sisters’ every move.

Even when he is fussy or crying, just start laughing or tickle him and he is grinning from ear to ear.

My girls were pleasant babies, but this kid, he knows what he’s doing.

I must say though, he is a handful! Much more so than my girls.

He’s active and never stops moving. As I’m writing this he is nursing while trying to gouge my eyes out.

He doesn’t like to sleep. Ever!

Some nights as I’m nursing him to bed he will literally be eating, chuckling to himself and smacking me in the face all at the same time. He’s quite talented.

He shrieks as much as my girls do and talks all the time.

I can’t hold him for long because he constantly bucks himself and pushes off me.

I’m worried! My daughters never got into anything. I really didn’t have to baby proof the house for them. But this little guy… It’s going to be tough.

I have friends who warn me, laugh at me, tell me, “boys are so different.” I see it and I get it. He already wears me out and he’s not even 1.

This is what I get for secretly hoping my whole life I would just have a household full of girls.

My sister was right though,  no one is going to love me the way my son does. I can already see it. He’s active, but I’ve never had a more affectionate baby. He’s my only child who loves to cuddle, hug, be with me at all times.

I think this little guy is going to be taking me on a special journey. Just like all of my children, I can’t wait to see how he turns out, what kind of person he becomes. It’s exciting as a parent.

So, yeah, his favorite things might be to pull my hair and scratch his naked bum when I change him. He may wake up 5 times a night and he may grab on to my turkey neck and never let go.

But I wouldn’t trade his craziness for anything in the world. This little guy has me wrapped around his finger and I am okay with that. I’m still nervous with the thought of raising a boy, but I think I can handle it.



2 thoughts on “I Have A Baby Boy and I’m Nervous. 

  1. OMG! I just had a son in Sept and I am completely going through all of what you mentioned. My daughter is almost 3 and we did not even baby proof…shh! Our lil secret lol BUT with my son already I have to watch him like a hawk. He is not that fast a crawling but he is getting around and is always into something. He does like to laugh and smile. He is a very pleasant baby. But he will seriously keep me on my P & Qs. Great post.

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