Bugs and Cats

My daughter can spot a caterpillar from a mile away. She can’t see anything in front of her face, but a caterpillar that has blended itself into its surroundings, she on it.

This makes my husband and I cringe.

Reason being, she tends to kill them.

My husband and I try hard to sneak them away from her and let them go. We have tried reasoning with her and explaining to her that if she keeps killing them, there will be no more butterflies. But, man, she is obsessed with them.

She names each and everyone of them Harry and carries them around balanced on her finger. She makes them beds in her doll house And brings them to the dinner table.

We even found one just hanging out in the playroom one day. I asked my daughter about it and she said, “oh, that’s where that caterpillar went… I lost him a few days ago.”

Right now, she is walking around the house with some sort of misfortunate tiny moth that I’m convinced, is semi dead. (And actually, by the time we ate lunch, was fully dead, although she seems to think it’s sleeping.) πŸ˜•

She is also that child obsessed with cats. We have 2 dogs and she could care less. For her, it’s cats and bugs. She’s a strange child.

My sister in Arizona has a cat. When we visit my daughter will spend the whole time chasing this poor creature around the house. Dressing it up, petting it, carrying it around.

Remember the book Of Mice and Men? She reminds me of Lennie…

She has actually been begging us for one. We don’t want a cat, but just saying “no” to her is not acceptable. I decided to tell her that we can’t get a cat because our dog Maggie is allergic.

She figure out though, that Maggie will die one day and that will take care of the allergy problem. So, she is constantly asking me when the dog is going to die. πŸ˜•

I don’t know if most kids are like this or it its just her personality. But I feel for all cats and bugs she gets near.

She has such a loving heart, but when she is excited, she gets tunnel vision and becomes a bit spastic.

We also have a lot of cats on the mountain where we live. They all seem to have owners but, just kind of roam around during the day. She lured a cat home from the neighborhood park one night and it ran into our house. Total mayhem! Dogs barking, cat running, my husband yelling. I think that’s also when she Β realized that our dog was not actually allergic to cats.

But, right now, especially Β that it’s spring and we are going outside a lot, these are two of our battles (2 of many).

Its never a dull moment being a parent and it’s always something with these crazy kids.


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