Stop Touching your Sister!

“Stop touching your sister…”

“Stop chasing her!”

“Stop bugging each other!”

Seriously! My 2 daughters live for tormenting each other.

It’s driving me nuts.

These kids can’t be alone with each other for more than a few minutes without someone screaming or crying or running to me and telling on the other.

My new philosophy is, if they are crying, I don’t go check unless the other is telling my their sister is hurt.

Otherwise I’d be in their playroom every 5 seconds.

My younger daughter got in the habit of crying anytime she was upset. At first I defend her against her sister… Then I took off my cute toddler blinders and figured out she was playing me.

She’s now ย upset that I just don’t care anymore when her sister takes the toy she was maybe thinking about playing with.

Even this morning as I was trying to feed my baby, the 3 year old was trying to be cute and play a baby guitar for me, but her big sister decided it was time to chase her. So, I’m just trying to peacefully nurse my youngest while the two are running around the babies room screaming at the top of their lungs.

Why? Why do the feel the need to torment me?

And on cue, right now they are in the other room fighting over who gets to be the mom in their game of house.

By the time these kids are 10, I might be in a mental institution.

I know however, this is only the beginning, I know as they get older it will get worse.

And all this is not only directed at each other.

I’ve noticed, the more I tell them as a parent to leave me alone ย and to go play, the more they want to be right next to me, bugging me.

A mom can only take so much before she loses it.

And sadly, lose it is what usually happens. Because, as you know, when you calmly ask your kids to do something they ignore you. Forcing you to then yell at them. For me, that’s when my kids will tell me what a mean mom I am and that I really don’t need to yell. ๐Ÿ˜•

One day, when they are moms complaining about their kids, I will be sure to remind them how insane they were when they were little.

God has a funny sense of humor that way.


6 thoughts on “Stop Touching your Sister!

  1. Sounds a bit like my house. All of a sudden my two kids know how to push each other’s buttons to get a reaction, so they do it all of the time! Grrrrr. (And, yes, I so remember doing the same with my little brother which drove my mom nuts!)

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