Let’s Workout!

I enjoy working out.

I have an Instagram account and started looking up hashtags that had to do with working out for inspiration and to get pointers, that sort of thing.

Well, here is my issue…

The ridiculous pictures!

Since when do I have to be “sexy” to be into fitness. What happened?

How come when I’m looking at fitness pictures, I’m hit with women wearing practically nothing in raunchy poses with fake tans and glistening abs?

Why can’t women just workout? Why do they have to be practically naked and why do I need to see how big they have made their bottoms?

I want to look good like a lot of women do. I’d like to be toned and see some abs. But, look, I have daughters. I want them to see that their mom is healthy and enjoys working out. Not that im working out to try and be sexy, but that i’m working out to be strong.

I’m a mom. I wear old running shorts and old college t-shirts when I’m working out. My hair is a mess and I don’t wear makeup. My selfies are super unflattering. But they show my dedication and I feel okay about them.

I want my girls to one day enjoy being healthy and enjoy working out as well. I love when my daughter says she is being “healfy” and when she tries to workout with me because she thinks it looks fun.

Why does being a mom of girls have to be so hard? Trying to instill modesty in the world we live in and showing them that they can love themselves and their body without posing for a picture half naked, is going to be a challenge. they really don’t understand right now, but they will soon.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for before and after  result pictures, I’ve posted a few. I’m just not sure some of these women understand that I will still be impressed by your muscles without you showing me EVERYTHING!

I just pray that I can show my girls through a good example that they can achieve all their goals in life while maintaining some mystery.

I have a feeling I have some frustrating years ahead of me.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Workout!

  1. I love this and so get you! I am working on a piece now about what running a 5k taught my children. In it I have a line about how after I run I’m sweaty and red and definitely not selfie ready, but that’s ok. Girls don’t have to be pretty to run. It’s all about being healthy and strong! Great read and message!

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  2. Yep I know a lot of people who post pics on social media with a full perfect face of makeup and perfect hair. That’s not real life. The message should be about being strong and healthy not the superficial aspects

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