A friend and I took our kids to a tulip farm yesterday to pick flowers.

Besides the fact that this place can easily bankrupt a person if not careful, we had a great time.

We also learned that my oldest is not a fan of boys and was not having a problem letting them know. So, that’s something we will be working on. Being kind will be on the lesson plan for a while.

There were a few meltdowns which is to be expected with a 3 year old and an emotional 5 year old in the hot sun.

I did get a lot of pictures. It was also a great learning moment for my kids due to the Holland theme they had going on. My husband grew up in Holland and my daughter thought it was pretty neat.

I sent a bunch of pictures to my husband and he commented on how beautiful our older daughter is getting.

I hadn’t really examined the pictures. I take so many to post and send off to family that they all kind of blur together.

But, as I’m looking at this picture of my 5 year old, I realize she is beautiful. I mean, of course I think this and always have. All my children are. But, really, she is growing up. Beautiful on the inside and out.

Despite our rough times and her crankiness and attitude (😀), she really is one of a kind. Blossoming.

I am also now realizing how fast she and my other children are growing up. One day they are just babies. Then they are true older kids not as dependant on us as they once were.

God has given us these little gifts. Gifts that we sometimes take for granted. We complain ( me especially) about how hard they are and we sometimes can’t wait until they are just a little older.

But then what?

Once they get older. Are we happy they are older or do we look back and wonder where it all went? Why did the time go so fast?

We care for them 24/7. We give everything we have to raising them. Then it’s over.

One day my kids aren’t going to need me anymore. They will have their own lives, their own children. Then it will be their turn to wonder where it all went.

As my kids and I picked flowers yesterday, it was hard. Trying to deal with two kids and a fussy baby. Trying to stop one from picking every flower she came across at $1.00 a pop.

But, I hope that’s not what I remember. I hope I remember the excitement and the joy the girls had.

I hope I remember being with a good friend and sharing that moment.

There will be plenty of frustrations in life. I have many every day. But one thing that will always stand out, is the love and awe I have for these kids.

My husband is right. My daughter is beautiful. All my children are and they will just become more beautiful to me as time goes on.


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