My Brave Girls

The kids and I went to a festival with a friend and her son today.

It was cloudy and cold and the second my kids got there they were second guessing their original enthusiasm.

Watching my 3 year olds face while she watched a college marching band warm up was priceless.  She was not impressed by their skills (or lack thereof).

My friends son was all in. He was excited, playing a typical carnival game with the junky prizes and climbing a rock wall.

My girls stood back, cold and unsure. There were too many people and lights and noises and weird smells.

They aren’t use to going to places like this. I actually think this was their first time at a carnival.

I was getting worried and didn’t know if we would last long, until they spotted the kids section with a bounce house and inflatable slide.

Let me just say this. I need to become a Carney!

Seriously, what a racket…

$2.00 a kid for one turn on the slide, $2.00 for 3 minutes of jumping in a bounce house.

That was all for the kid stuff, then we came to a jumping, boucing contraption, where you get into a harness and bungee jump into the air. Our kids all stopped to watch. No way were any of them getting on that thing.

Until my 3 year old announced that she was doing it.

Just like that, my 3 year old takes off her jacket, gets into line and prepares herself for the jump of her life.

Of course, my oldest was not going to be left behind by her little sister, so she joined the line as well.

$16.00 later, I’ve got 2 kids strapped into this thing. I would have been nervous if I wasn’t so surprised.

No way in my lifetime would I have done this. Not when I was younger, not now. I am just not that person to be spontaneous and brave like that.

I don’t know who had more fun. Them or me watching them.

These are my girls that cling to me in new situations. They don’t ever want to be away from me. My youngest literally doesn’t like other people and she was letting the worker fling her into the air and help her do back somersaults.

For them to be so brave, is kind of a big deal. I was totally that mom taking videos and pictures every second of those allotted 3 minutes and it was worth it.

This, I will remember forever. I will retell this story until they are yelling at me to stop and telling me that I’m so embarrassing.

Lesson today…sometimes you just have to let go and be brave.


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