Manic Monday…

I have a love hate relationship with Monday’s.

On one hand I’m feeling annoyed because the weekend is over, husband is back at work (or on a work trip) and my workouts start back up again after taking Sunday off.

My kids seem to feel it too or they are just reacting to the vibes I’m giving off.

It’s hard to get up, thinking about all you have to do for the week, you kind of just want to go back to bed.

But, once I get myself up and through the initial “I hate mornings,” mood, I always try to make the effort to embrace the day.

The motivation might only last for a few hours, but it’s there. This morning I was thinking of all the projects around the house I could do, all the appointments I needed to make, all the workout and nutrition goals I wanted to hit.

My son didn’t sleep last night, so today’s “Monday Blues,” were really strong and I did NOT want to wake up or work out.

But, I had to get myself up when the dogs started whining and my older kids woke up. I fed the kids while my son was still in bed and read my daily Catholic Mom devotional,  something I always seem to remember to do on Mondays. Maybe God knows that this is the day I need it the most.

I was feeling a little better and agreed to the 3 books my kids asked me to read before I had my breakfast and then, they went and played by themselves. Kind of a miracle for around here. Usually they just stand next to me whining about how bored they are.

I decided soon after, when the baby woke and was fed to just drag myself downstairs for my workout. Today was arm day (I do that on purpose since it’s Monday and I don’t feel like jumping around too much). It was hard getting through the 30 minutes after pausing because of my daughter hurting herself and needing to be wiped after she went to the bathroom, but I kept going. Even after the baby started crying halfway through.

I think I was being tested. But I finished and felt like a champ. I even scooped the baby up and walked on the treadmill for awhile.

There is nothing like feeling accomplished on a Monday morning before 10am.

I was able to homeschool as well and I’m now putting the baby down for his nap.

Monday’s, like life is either going to be good or a disaster, depending on your outlook.

I could have called it in pretty early this morning. We don’t have much planned, just an errand to get toothpaste. So, I could still be in my pajamas hating the day.

But instead, I used this Monday to get motivated, to start my week of right.

My baby is grumpy and my daughters are, well, being kids, but, I’m determined to end this day on a good note.


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