I was out with my kids today on an errand. 12:00pm hits and I can feel it coming on…

I start feeling shaky, a little light headed, and everything my kids do or say sends me into a monsterous inner rage.

I’m Hangry!

This is a daily nuesence for me.

It’s something that happen to me approximately every 2 hours throughout the day if I haven’t eaten. It’s worse in the morning and before lunch.

I have hoshimotos hypothyroidism. Along with that is the “unpretty” adrenal issue I have, that causes low blood sugar and my craziness.

I always wondered how people skipped meals. My husband “forgets” to eat all the time.

I think that’s crazy talk. I can’t even skip my mid morning snack. I’d be a wreck if I skipped lunch or dinner.

Let’s just say as a Catholic, fasting has never been my strong suite.

In a typical day I will eat breakfast, a mid morning snack, lunch, a few snacks after that (actually graze till dinner), eat dinner, then a snack after that.

Granted, these aren’t huge snacks, but I need something.

So, really, if I don’t eat every few hours, I feel awful.

I know I’m not the only one out there that gets this way. I’ve been noticing it with my oldest. She will be super pleasant and then all of a sudden it’s like she hates the world and she can’t function, she’s a hot mess. I have to make sure that wherever we are I have food with me.

Today, when I was slowly losing all my good qualities, I also decided that while I was getting chick-fil-a for my kids, I was going to wait till we got home to have a healthy meal. (Agh, my poor kids.)

I seriously lost my mind when my daughter told me she had to go to the bathroom as we were leaving. Literally, like it was the worse thing she’s ever said to me. I’m serious when I say, they will have a lot to tell their therapist one day.

Things haven’t been as bad as they use to be now that I’m on an exercise program that has me focusing on food a lot more. But, I still need to make sure I have something to eat with me all the time. I usually carry a can of nuts in the car or bring a smoothie with me. The second we get in the car my daughter makes sure there is food for everyone. It’s kind of our daily focus.

I was actually really excited when someone coined the phrase “Hangry.” It finally gave me a way of letting others know what my deal was. I relate really well to those Snickers commercials, were normal people turn into really angry celebrities or something to that effect.

So anyway, if one day we are having a pleasant conversation and I just start losing it or crying or something weird, please just hand me a snack and I apologize in advance.


2 thoughts on “Hangry

  1. I love the “Hangry.” I have a son who is like your daughter who is giving me kisses on second and the next he is throwing a tantrum (at 6 years old!). He seems to do better when he doesn’t go long stretches without food. I can relate to the food-behavior thing as I get spikes and lows with my blood sugars and it is not a happy day. I am fighting hard not to be diagnosed with diabetes as the drs said would be inevitable since I had gestational diabetes 2 times and my dad has diabetes. With diet, exercise, essential oils, and supplements I am doing pretty well so far. No diabetes…Praise God! But I do get those “Hangry” moments…so I have to keep food with me at all times too. Thanks for sharing your story. Blessings.

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    1. My mom has diabetes 2 as well. It’s hard to maintain fine all you really want to do is eat a whole cake or something. I quit sugar because of my thyroid issues and feel really good on most days. I’m so glad to hear you have been able to dodge the same issues as your dad. It’s really hard these days! Good luck. I will say a little prayer for you.


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