Never A Dull Moment

I often wonder what others think of me and my kids when we are in public.

I don’t mask the chaotic crazy that surrounds me everyday.

We went to Lowes today to get flowers for the yard. I wasn’t there 5 minutes before a man made the comment “you’ve got your hands full.” It’s probably because choosing a cart usually turns me into a frazzled mess.

Please stores, stop giving me the option of having that weird racecar cart that is literally the length of a car and impossible to maneuver around a store. I literally have to fight with my 5 year old ( who is too big for it anyway) every time.

Once inside, my oldest feels it’s free game to run around like we are at Disneyland. “It’s a home improvement store! Relax yourself!” Is usually what I am screaming at her every 3 minutes.

I wish I was one of those moms that could ignore their kids when they started running around a store or are being really loud. I can’t. I can’t handle it, especially in public. My daughters “energy” gives me anxiety.

On top of it, my 3 year old is  a wanderer. So, while I’m yelling at one,  im also panicking because the other has vanished behind some wall. She also walks really slow, so if she isn’t lost in some aisle, I’m yelling at her to “keep up.”

Today at the store, my 3 year old thought it was okay to pick the flowers in the nursery. She was trying to be sweet by picking me a bouquet…

The kids made it out of the store alive and got their cakepop from Starbucks. Not that they deserved it, but my husband is out of town for 2 weeks, so I’m just trying to survive at this point.

But, besides all this, it was more or less an uneventful day.  😬

No matter how low key a parents day is however, it’s never dull enough to not have to share a lot of wisdom with your children. Wisdom that is so basic and common sense to most of the world.

For example, today, I had to tell my daughter to  stop eating the toothpaste.

I bought a brand new tube of non-Floride, safe to swallow toothpaste for my three year old the other day. By today, she had basically eaten it all. Seriously?!?!

Then this afternoon, as the kids and I were snuggling on the bed, (more like, I was despritely trying to have a few seconds of quiet time), I had to tell my 3 year old to stop wiping her “grossness” on my bed.

She was wiping her boogers and trying to wipe a scab she picked onto my comforter. I seriously just wanted to rest, once in my life lay on my bed without having to say things like this.

I also don’t want to have to say things like, stop poking your eyeball with your fork.

Sadly, this is something my daughter does often.

I also had to remind my oldest that shaking her booty and the baby while he is crying is not appropriate. Alrhough, the more I told her to stop, the more she kept doing it… I swear, some days…

One day I’m going to need a medal for all this parenting I’m doing. I mean, there has got to be some award ceremony at the end of all this, right? Like, they move out and are still alive and functioning and I get my “good Job” certificate in the mail along with a Starbucks gift card or something.

This is what happens, right? 😕


4 thoughts on “Never A Dull Moment

  1. Your kids are HILARIOUS! I finally mastered ignoring my son a few days ago while I was in the garden section of Walmart. That section of the store is in a garage-like attachment, so every noise echos. I think my son was crying for 10 minutes as I tried to figure out which dirt I needed since they have so many that are “perfect” for specific types of plants. I felt so good that I brought him a bag of chips and myself a Snickers Bar during check out. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this again, but I’m proud of myself for doing it & not caring about the looks of other people.

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      1. I don’t think so because he surely wasn’t crying while we were in the toy section prior to going to the garden section.

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