Sometimes We Need to Vent

5 minutes into our outing, I regretted it.

It’s been raining in Virginia every day for who knows how long and the farm we went to was cold and muddy.

Why did I choose to go here with the weather like this? Because, that’s the type of person I am.

I was about to pack up the kids and take them all the way to DC, just because I wanted to go. But, I realized that by myself, with 3 kids, it might not be a good idea.

My husband is out of town for work again. So, after a week, I’m worn out. I really try hard to “make memories” for my kids, but I usually end up so frustrated, that I’m afraid they aren’t going to remember many good times.

I’m from Arizona, being cold is not something I enjoy. For me, 50 degrees is parka worthy.

So, an outing like today leaves me a bit irritated with myself, but my kids are better in the cold, so I endure for them.

Farms in Virginia are interesting. There are a million of them and some charge the outside world to come see some animals and play on some playground equipment.

It’s usually really fun. It’s just the weather has been so terrible. I forget every year that spring is a rainy. In Arizona we don’t have spring.

My kids love it though. The thrill they get from some goats and chickens is really amazing.

We did see a baby goat and a lamb come into this world last year at a different farm. Super fascinating and cool until my oldest saw the afterbirth… That might have traumatized her for life.

I try really hard to go with the flow at these places. It’s hard when you have two kids you are trying to wrangle and your carrying a heavy backpack, lunch bag and your baby is attached to your front (your almost 19 pound baby),  that combined with a lot of slippery mud… Well, yeah…

It’s also really hard being with your kids 24/7 while your husband travels so often and you have no family near. I know there are many women out there who know exactly what I’m talking about.

I tell him every time that it’s fine and I can handle it, which, of course I can. Our days are usually so loaded with activities, I hardly notice, but I think the weekend is different. We usually don’t have anything planned except church on Sunday. When the weekend comes my mind is thinking “oh, it’s the weekend, people get the weekend off.” Then I remember that I am a parent and I don’t get the weekend off.

So, there in lies my frustration.

But, let’s get back on track with this post. I started out talking about a farm…

Okay, so I took my kids to this farm so we could have something to do. The cool thing about this place is actually the town it’s located in. I’m a sucker for small town Virginia. Like, I’m in love with it.

Give me a quaint Main Street, some old homes and a red barn and I’m hooked. Throw in some American flags and I will want to stay forever.

I also have to admit, I did get some cute pictures today. Really it wasn’t all bad.  Actually, it was okay for the most part, until I got hungry and the kids refused to go eat (for the first time in their lives).

I would have just eaten one of the hundreds of snack I brought, but I had goat slobber and a lot of mud on my hands and needed to wash up before I gave myself some sort of farm disease (if that’s a thing).

But here are some pictures of my pretty cute kids. Even if they don’t remember pleasant memories, I can always trick them into thinking everyone had the best time ever by all the pictures I take.

 (Because, who doesn’t love a giant cow?)

  (There were some baby goats, that was pretty awesome.)

 (All the mud!)

(This poor guy…)

(Most excited guy in the world.)

  (Corn Angels)

This post has been really therapeutic for me. I started off hating life and ended with feeling like maybe it was a pretty good Saturday.

Momma just needed to vent.

I will have to say that this also made me feel better about my day.

Ok, so all in all, not a terrible day. Although, I’m trying to figure out when this happened…


(Mom problems)

Kids are all in bed now. So that means I get to stay up and be alone.

Yay, me.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes We Need to Vent

  1. I’m not sure how you do it. The closer I get to delivering my second baby, the more scared I become about handling too kids. My husband is working a lot, but rarely out of town and home most nights, even though some are really late. My friends always tell me, women do hard things. And we do!

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