I’m a mom now…Yaaay…

As a mom, you get super excited for a lot of things that you never got excited about before kids.

I’m pretty sure my younger self would be really embarrassed by me some days or even roll her eyes at me.

I also took a lot of things for granted in the past that I savor now.

Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Chick-Fil-A.

The other day, I almost crashed my car trying to take a picture of the “coming soon, Chick-Fil-A” sign I saw, so I could send it to my husband.

Before kids I’d be excited about a new bar or cool trendy restaurant. These days finding a Chick-Fil-A is up there with the top things that make me excited. Very sad for some, but not for a mom that just wants greasy fries and for her kids to be entertained in a play area for an hour.

2. When it’s TV time for my kids and there is a new episode of Doc McStuffins or Sofia the First.

Kids could care less about reruns, but as a mom, when you can recite an episode of Paw Patrol, you know it’s time for new material.

3. When your kids sleep in to 7:00am!

Can you imagine before kids,  getting excited to sleep past 6:30 am? I would have murdered anyone who woke me up that early on a weekend.

Now I have to wake up at 6am to work out and I pray that the kids leave me alone and sleep till I’m done.

4. When my daughter doesn’t eat all her popcorn at snack time.

When I didn’t have kids I ate what I wanted, when I wanted.

Now I’m old and have to watch what I eat and sadly I scavenge any tiny remains of my kids leftovers just to have a taste of the good life one more time.

5. When I can drive anywhere by myself.

Even if I’m driving down the street, the first thing I do when alone in the car is turn off their DVD and jam out to the Adult Hits on the radio. Maybe throw in some oldies (apparently this includes 80s music now 😩).

6. Going to bed. Sleeping. That’s all I want to do these days. I want to nap, sleep in late go to bed early.

None of this ever happens. Ever!

What a dummy I was to stay up late and never nap when I didn’t have kids. So dumb!

7. Daily I dream about when I can take a hot shower. When I get one, it takes a lot to get me out. My baby can be screaming at me, throwing daggers my way, my daughters begging for me to get out, and somehow, I can completely block it al out when I’m in the shower.

I seriously took advantage of showering before children. I pompously took a shower when ever I felt like it. One, two times a day, I didn’t care, I was free.

8. Go to the bathroom alone. Moms (yes, moms, cause we all know dads for some reason get to go in peace) our kids can be across the house and the second we shut that bathroom door, their little “spidey” senses start to tingle and are they are  ready to bang down that door to get to us.

9. When we can talk on the phone in peace. Hahahahahaha, because it never happens. Ever!

This morning I was On the phone and my oldest started to have a meltdown because she assumed I was talking to a doctor who was going to give her shots… Girl is crazy!

10. Snuggling with my babies.

This is definitely something my former self would not have been excited about. I didn’t like kids and never thought about having them.

But now, no matter what, I am so glad they are mine.


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