Ikea, Family and Life

My husband has a way of bringing out my spontenious side.

I try and have my days all planned out and when it comes to buying anything, I get really scared to spend a lot of money, just because I’m a money hoarder.

Last night my husband suggested we go to Ikea to look for some big item things we needed for the house.

I had already made plans for the day in my head, but instead, I just let go and said sure.

If my husband wasn’t around and if it wasn’t his suggestion, I would never have made this trip. The nearest Ikea to us is a little over an hour away. With 3 kids, it’s just too much for one parent.

Besides the fact that this store is crazy overwhelming. I give props for the Swedes opening stores here in America… What a goldmine!

 Anyone out there who loves to decorate their home, loves color or loves orginizing… This place is like Disneyland without the rides. My husband had to refocus me several times.

But, like I was saying, he has a way of making me spontenious. I tend to forget when I’m with him about money or our budget. It’s nice, I finally get to just let him lead and sort it all out.

I also get really excited about things when I’m with him. When we are on the same page and planning our house projects, it’s like I get giddy.

Of course, my kids hated every second of it (except for the toy section, of course) and the moment we stepped in the store, they wanted out.

But, I was happy to be with my family on this yucky, raining day and I for once just didn’t care about their complaining. For once, I relaxed and just had fun with them. I haven’t felt this way in a long time.

I’m so use to it just being me and the kids. It was so nice for us all to be together.

We bought some things for the house and then headed to a Tex-Mex restaurant. I have been watching what I eat so diligently this week that it was so nice to stuff my face with tortilla chips and tacos. No Regrets! So good!!!

My 8 month old has started to really expand his palate and he eats a lot.  Like,  he’s a monster for food, he screams at me if I’m taking too long.

He ate all my refrained beans (I’m assuming I will pay for that later). As well as his lunch I packed him. He doesn’t like baby puréed food, he wants real food and what I’m eating.

So, again, more of me sharing my stuff with anothers (sigh).

We laughed a lot today. It’s amazing how good it can be to just be with your family and not have a care in the world.

 We all know as parents, we spend so much time stressing out about our days and the little things going on in our lives, that it’s hard to just relax, laugh and have a good time.

I even went to a dear friends birthday party tonight, it was an 80s party. This is usually something I would talk myself out of, feeling too overwhelmed at that time of night.

But, my husband took the 2 older kids and the baby and I went alone. It was nice and I had a good time.

I learned today, that family and friends are what it’s all about. Making connections with loved ones, making new friends and just enjoying the moments you have with others.

This is what life is all about, this is what I should strive to remember more often.


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