Packing for the Trip

I am a mess today! I’m despritely trying to pack for our trip to Arizona tomorrow and my house and kids are a mess!

I decided also to wash all our clothes last night, so, that meant this morning I was folding it all.

I always forget about how impossible it is to do anyrhing with kids.

My baby can go for about 15 minutes of letting me do anything and then he is done. So right now in the middle of my frantic packing session, I am feeding him. That’s also why I have time to write this post. So, it will be a work in progress throughout the day.

Anyway, my daughters have been so amped up for the trip that they are literally pacing back and forth in front of my bedroom door (because I won’t let them in).

I get it that they are excited, but, I keep telling my oldest that “no, this is not the time or day for me to teach you how to pack.” She will be lucky if I even remember her clothes.

I’m not a pro at packing for trips. My life is kind of an unorganized mess. I also always start out packing pretty conservatively and then at the last minute throw in a bunch of shoes and clothes that end up being ignored on the trip.

But, I should know better and I should have a system down by now.  I travel often enough. The last time I took this trip to Arizona was 5 months ago.

Life just happens and I’m always unable to get myself motivated to start packing or orginizing earlier than the day before.

I’m stuck right now on the climate change from Virginia to Arizona. In Virginia it’s cold still and in Arizona it’s hot. I just had my baby 8 months ago and with all my babies my body has changed a lot, so I need to try on all my summer clothes just to make sure they fit. That is taking a lot of time.

I miss the days I could just use one piece of luggage. When my girls were littler (or it was just me and my oldest) and all our clothes could fit into one bag. Now, I definitely need to take 3 bags.

I also have to pay for three seats because my daughters are over the age of 2.  Good thing, I get to check 3 bags now, bad thing, I have 3 bags, plus car seats and a stroller and carry ons.

Every time you think you are done packing, you remember a million other things you need to bring. Like my daughters sleep with 2 large, twin size blankets plus two little ones and my oldest has a pillow pet… So guess what…yeah, that’s almost one whole bag itself.

My poor baby has been a crazy pants today. He’s usually really easy, but he is choosing this day to not nap and to want to nurse every hour or so. I think I’ve spent more time dealing with him than packing. I also wanted to clean today since I haven’t in weeks. But, once again, it’s not happening.

It also didn’t help that I needed to take library books back and get some last minute things at the store. Now, I’m back to writing because I’m nursing again. This day is not working out how I need it to.

I did decide to invest in a portable DVD player. We have a million movies they can watch and yes I have a kindle, but it doesn’t have a lot of storage. This way they can watch movies we already have and I can use it for my workouts. So, win, win for us all.

Well, I’m back, I just spent the last hours of my night making and eating dinner, cleaning like a mad woman, finishing laundry and packing the rest of our things.

I’m spent! I’m putting the baby to sleep right now and worrying that I am forgetting something.

Oh, well, I need to relax now because this has been a nutty day.

I will let you all know how the traveling goes. Wish me luck!


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