Sick Kids

It never fails! No matter where we go, during what time of year, either one or more of my kids gets sick or hurt.

I think I have been to the Urgent Care or hospital more out of town than in the state I am living.

My kids are fairly healthy kids. Rarely do they seem to be sick when we are home. But, when we travel, it seems to always be something.

The first time it happened, my oldest was just shy of 2 years old. This first time, the trip to the ER was due to my paranoid mother (sorry, mom) and me being a rookie at parenting.

It turned out, She did not have the raging ear infection my mother thought, but a case of 2 year molars coming in.

There was the urgent care trip in Arizona a few days before Easter one year for a case of pink eye that I’m convinced my oldest got from the airplane.

I notice a lot of the hospital trips are with my oldest, by your second kid, they have to be either on their death bed or have a limb falling off.

My second did get really sick in Florida over thanksgiving and we actually should have taken her to a doctor, but didn’t. So when she had the same symptoms in Arizona over Christmas I took her to urgent care and she just had a mild cold. 😕

Having kids and traveling is hard. You feel bad when they are sick and feeling awful, but you are a little irritated because you are on vacation and are now stuck sitting around with a sick kid.

I’d have to say the worst for us was when my oldest was stung by a jelly fish in Florida.

W really had no idea what to do and turned to trusty “Dr. Google.” We dealt with the issue and it turned out our daughter barely got stung, she just lost it because we were freaking out. My father in law, it turns out was also stung and his was a lot worse than my daughters. But we didn’t notice at the time.

It’s funny how fast we lose our cool when it comes to our kids. They are too precious to us not to be on edge when something happens.

This trip, my oldest was sick for about 2 1/2 days… Throwing up with a fever. She was stuck inside and all she had energy for was tv (which was fine by her). She had to miss the trip to the butterfly exhibit and to the farmers market. I felt bad for leaving her, but my other daughter was begging to go somewhere after hours of being inside.

Today we thought we were all in the clear with sicknesses until this morning when my second started throwing up. Because of course they couldn’t be sick at the same time.

We have a trip planned to the zoo next week, so I’m praying she can recover. She did just throw up all over my kindle, so, we will see how it goes.

We have another trip to Florida for a wedding in August. Fingers crossed for healthy kids.


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