Mom Rant

I was flying home from Arizona yesterday and had a layover in Atlanta. As I walked out of the woman’s bathroom, a dad, holding a toddler, looked at me with my stroller containing a 3 year old, my Ergo containing a 9 month old and my bouncing 5 year old and exclaimed, “ma’am, I’m praying for you today!”

It was of course not meant to be rude, and I didn’t take it that way. Other parents know how hard little ones can be and those who dont have any, could only imagine.

Like I’ve said a lot, I travel often with my kids alone. No husband, just me. I can admit, I sometimes envy those “jet setters” who can travel alone or just with their significant other. I also however, feel proud and blessed to be able to have these experiences with my kids.

As chaotic and frustrating as it is, I remind myself, that I’m raising kids who will one day, maybe, have a love for traveling or will not feel held back in life because they are afraid their kids might disrupt the order of society around them.

It’s also interesting to me that I get looks and people outright staring at me for being out in the world with 3 children, as if they have never  seen  or heard of such a thing.

When I get comments I often laugh thinking, “wow, you should meet some of my friends… You think 3 is a lot!”

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy people telling me how wonderfully behaved my kids are (even if they just missed witnessing their wrestling match over seat belts and whose side is whose).

It makes you feel like even though you are barely holding it together, others think you’re pretty awesome.

What people don’t  realize though, is that I am just a mom. As a mom I take care of business, whether that be cleaning up 6 days worth of throw up and diarrhea, dealing with ongoing tantrums or traveling long distance.

Moms, just do it. We don’t wait for approval from others, we don’t look for affirmation. We rolled up our sleeves and get sh*t done. Excuse my French, but it’s the truth.

Every mom I know has her struggles and battles with her kids. But you know what, they take care of it and move on. That’s what being a mom is.

I often have days I don’t feel I will be able to survive. I get mad, complain, swear, and throw my own tantrums. But then, as I lay my head down to sleep every night, I pray to Mother Mary. I ask her to pray for me, to remind me of what being a strong mom looks like. I ask her to be  my mother and guide me.

I thank God, every night as well,  even if I don’t want to, for making me a mother and for giving me these children.

Being a mom is great. Being blessed with children is great. I pray for those who struggle with pregnancies or who feel like their life just has no room for kids.

Motherhood in any form is awesome. Whether you have your own children or you are just a great aunt or mentor to others. Never be scared to parade those kids out in the world. Never be intimidated or think, “I can’t handle traveling or even shopping,” with these kids.

Because, you can!

And when people tell you that you’re brave or they could never do what you’re doing, feel proud.

A dear friend reminded me after I got done venting about my kids through a text message, that kids are a blessing. She is absolutely right, they are. As hard as they are, as much as you want to call it in, they are a blessing.

So, go out there and do your thing as a mom. Don’t worry what others think or what they say. Take care of business and get sh*t done.



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