Who Is Your Cheerleader? 

I started reading a book recently that I really wish had been around when I was in high school. It’s called “I Am That Girl” and it’s by Alexis Jones.

Granted, this book seems to be geared more towards younger women, seeing as how the author is still young, (in my book,  20’s is young). But, I find that as I have been really pondering my life lately, it is also speaking to me at many levels.

Anyway, I was just reading a section on people in your life that encourage you and are always there to support you. That one person, no matter what, will tell you that your new crazy idea sounds great and no matter what will tell you to go for it.

I have have A LOT of ideas running through this brain of mine All The Time. It’s kind of annoying because I feel like it makes me restless in some sense.

I can’t sit still, always moving on to a new project or talking about a new idea I want to move forward on.

So, as I’m reading “I Am That Girl” this morning, I started to think about who my true, every day cheerleader is. Really, the one person that kept coming up in my head was my husband.

It’s funny, I take his support for granted, usually seeing it as him just going along withmy silly  ideas to appease me. But then I realized, I actually think he just loves me and truly wants me to be happy.

I’m not kidding, he never tells me “no” or “you can’t do that” or “that will cost money.”

He is there to say, “sounds great,” “how do we start,” “how can I help.”

He doesn’t ignore me or tell me I’m going overboard. He tells me to go for it.

Even when I’ve talked about or started a million different pojects and have not seen them through. He is still encouraging me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows around here. We have our disagreements and different ways of doing things. We drive each other nuts probably on a daily basis, but when it comes down to it, he would never tell me an idea I had was silly. He may gently remind me every once in a while that I don’t always stick to something. But really, he’s just being real and he is right and we usually laugh about it. But, it doesn’t stop him from encouraging me.

Now, I have this blog and let me tell you, this is my third attempt at writing one. I started one in Las Vegas before kids, started one after I had my second daughter and I am currently on to this blog. So far, this blog has been my most successful by far. It took me 3 tries to get it right. I now realize that my other blogs were not meant to be. I was either not writing them for the right reasons or just not at the right time in my life.

It’s funny, because I didn’t tell my husband that I started for the 3rd time. I just wrote a few and posted them on Facebook. One day, I told him and he said, “I know, but I didn’t read it.” When I asked him why, he said, “I figured if you wanted me to, you would have told me to.” Well, I of course told him to go and read immediately and he did and he told me it was really good and I should keep going.

To spare you the novel of a post, the list of this type of example goes on and on. From my sewing quilts to painting furniture to being a vegetarian and on and on. I run, I write, I sell a workout program, I teach co-op homeschool classes, I was a leader of my churches moms group.

Being married to me really teaches a person patience.

I feel lucky to have him though. I’d say without his love and support I may not have even tried most of the things I’ve tried.

It’s good to have a support system, no matter how small it is. Everyone needs someone who has their back and cheers them on.

No matter how nutty their dreams may be.


5 thoughts on “Who Is Your Cheerleader? 

  1. yes so true, that support system is so important. I am thankful my hubby is on that side as well, and my sister, mom, dad , family overall.. they are all mostly far away 😦 across that big ocean but still they are always in my life and I am thankful for that !!

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  2. My husband is my cheerleader, too. Lucky us! I don’t think he imagined me spending quite so much time blogging and quite so little time cleaning and organizing when we decided I would stay home with the kids, but he never complains!


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