It Happened so Fast…

My 3 year old is cute. I mean like, she is so stinkin’ cute that for a very long time I let her get away with pretty much anything.

Then one day, as she ran to me for the 10th time, red faced and fat tears streaming down her face to tell me that her sister had committed some injustice towards her, I got irritated.

I snapped out of it and realized that she is 3 and she has figured out that if she comes to me, I will automatically blame her older sister.

I realized that when I was asking her to clean up her toys and she would dramatically state that she couldn’t clean up because, “she is just wittle…” She was playing me!

It’s really all my fault.

And, my 3 year old is no dummy, she catches on quick. It didn’t take her long to discover that “mommy, thinks I’m cute and will do what I want.”

Yes, she is 3, so that automatically makes her a bit of a manipulator. That’s just how 3 year olds roll.

It also makes her extremely emotional. There is something about this age for my children. It’s not terrible 2’s in this house.

Don’t get me wrong, I still find her cute and she can be the sweetest thing, loving and really funny, but the “I’m just a wittle kid,” act is no longer working and it’s frustrating us both (well… It doesn’t always work..).

I signed her and her sister up for activities this summer. So far, we have had one failed swim lesson for her as well as 2  dance class refusals.

It’s leaving  me baffled. My oldest was and still is emotional, but couldn’t wait to jump in to horse riding lessons and gymnastics at this age. She had no fear going to swim lessons without me.

My 3 year old just continues to inform me that she is too shy. Which I don’t understand because I love nothing more than to do new things and meet new people.

Being patient with her is really hard for me right now.

Not only is she suddenly scared of all new situations, but she has been demanding and a bit “off her rocker.”

No longer does she ask for anything nicely. She yells at me when she wants something and tells me “or else!”

Last night I made dinner, then she begged me for spaghetti, I accidentally said, “we do have some left over noodles,” (from the spaghetti she refused to eat the night before). So reluctantly, I got her some and of course she refused to ear it. Like she was just testing to see if I would actually get if for her.

Well, she won that round.

It’s funny how we forget that they are learning and testing out everything around them. When I’m in awe of the stubbornness or tantrums, I have to remember it’s because they really are feeling out of control or not at ease with what’s around them.

It’s super annoying and I have a really hard time with it, but, it’s all part of life and something that all parents go through.

I know one day m husband and I will look back and laugh at how crazy our kids were. For now though, I’ve got to just remember that she is “wittle.” I need to teach her and be firm but not lose my own mind.

Which, is really going to be hard for me.


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