Change is Hard

How do you eat healthier? How do you completely change your food lifestyle after all these years?

I use to wonder this all the time.

I could workout like crazy, burn a ton of calories, but then immediately turn around a be tempted by chips, candy, juice and snack. The reason being, it’s basically all we use to have in the house.

Now, I can say this from experience, sometimes a person will want to change. Go through a transformation. Whether it be cutting out television for themselves, drinking more water, renewing their faith or cutting out sugar.

These sort of transformations are good. Nothing wrong with them. Like most humans, you want a companion to go through your journey with you, because of course, it is easier.

I quit sugar back in February. My husband started with me. We quit desserts and candies and sugary drinks for Lent.  He wasn’t as picky as I was. He sill ate things like honey and yogurt, but it was nice to have a partner to do it with.

But, after Easter, I decided that I was going to continue on this path. I was a new woman, no more sweets!

I haven’t pushed my family to be this dedicated (just yet)  I can’t make my husband love brussel sprouts and mushrooms.

As for my kids… I can barely get them to eat kid foods let alone grilled chicken, broccoli or kale chips.

So, right now, I am kind of on my own and that’s okay, because through example and small changes, I know one day I will get them on board.

I have however cut down on the snacks I buy for them and no longer find myself making cakes and brownies weekly.

I had a baby 10 months ago, so, this change in my diet had been hard since coming off being pregnant.

During my pregnancy I was addicted to what I call “picnic foods.”

I ate a turkey sandwich everyday with a ton of chips. Like, we went through 4 bags of Doritos a week between me and my 2 daughters.

I would buy at least 2 bags of gluten free pretzels each week and dip them in peanut butter everyday.

I had dessert after lunch and dinner and would binge on anything I could get my hands on right before dinner.

Starbucks was of course another vice for me. A carmel mochioto latte was on my list anytime I went to Target or saw a Starbucks with a drive through on my way anywhere.

I was a mess.

No wonder I was bloated all the time and had no energy.

My face was always broken out and I was waking up every morning with a headache.

The weird part was, I wasn’t overweight. Even after having a baby it didn’t take me too long to lose most of the weight.

I started working out like crazy 4 weeks after having my 3rd, but I’d say, I have my father to thank for my metabolism. Otherwise, I’d be in trouble.

So, again, how do you cut back on all that junk? How do you take it out of your diet and just live healthier?

The transition was hard.

I started with cutting out the sugar. Granted, I still eat fruit, but everything else, I had to cut cold turkey.

The first few days were brutal and I had a few headaches.

For some weird reason it caused me to crave meat and I remember eating a lot of bacon (something I rarely ever ate) for the first couple weeks.

Months later, I can now say, I don’t want it. I don’t crave sugar and can be around it and not eat any.

During this time, I did however continue with chips and pretzels and a lot of carbs. I think my body was trying to replace my cravings. So, as I began a new health program officially and was really watching what I ate and writing it all down, I began to phase those things out. It took me a good 2 1/2 months to stop reaching for the chips and gluten free breads and pretzels.

I now eat 2 to 3 carbs a day (not including vegetables).

But, as depressing as all this sounds, I actually don’t miss the foods I use to eat. I just feel good. I have more energy and am able to push myself physically, whereas before, working out was so hard and I didn’t enjoy it.

My lifestyle change has also taught me to not be afraid. It’s sounds weird, but I was always too scared to quit sugar. I enjoyed binging every night and sadly I thought I would miss it. Now I know that was my addiction to sugar talking.

Eventually. I will get my family on board.   For now, my next step is to find out how to cook meals they will actually eat. The battle sometimes is too har at the end of the day for a mom.

I wish I had a magical sure fire solution for all readers out there who are struggling with eating better. I don’t. It took me years and years of  “thinking” I needed to eat better, to actually start doing it.

I just woke up one day and said “enough!” I needed to do it for my health, mental and physical.

I’m glad I was finally strong enough this time around to actually take the plunge and I’m proud of myself for sticking to it.

I recommend for those struggling to start small. If you are addicted to soda, start by cutting out one a day. If you eat a lot of desserts, trade one for fruit, maybe an apple and peanut butter.

Take little steps and don’t get discouraged by setbacks. I believe everyone has it in them to make the changes they want in their lives if they only just believed in themselves.

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