Gross Smells and Far Away Places

Being a mom, basically means never being alone.

Never knowing if you will be able to fully complete a task.

Never being able to write an email with out sticky little hands pawing at your computer keys.

Being a mom means, when you are trying to write a blog post, you have to stop every few words to break up a fight, grab the vacuum cord out of your babies mouth and yell at your dog for peeing on the kids outside picnic table.


It also means telling your kids to stop picking their noses in public and to stop biting each other.

It means listening to your daughter tell you that the dead skunk you just passed on the road smells like cake pops and that she enjoys her own “gross” smells.


Being a mom is not for the faint of heart.

When you are a mom you must be able to endure a lot of poop and finding week old milk bottles beneath the bed. It means being thrown up on is actually written in the job description.

When you are a mom, you will never be on time and other moms wont expect you to be.

Being a mom means going to the bathroom with an audience, having a small human tell you your fat and that your boobs look silly.

It means having to listen to others screaming or singing at the top of their lungs all day, it means eating leftover macaroni and cheese from someone elses plate, it means a lot of time spent at Chick-Fil-A.

Being a mom means no more sleeping straight through the night or expecting that you will get more that 6 hours of sleep total. No more naps, no more lazy, stay in bed Saturday mornings.

Spending you weekends carting kids from practices and games is now your life. You will start baking for bake sales and selling for school fundraisers.


You will no longer have a need for those fancy dresses and high heels. Yoga pants and tee-shirts will become your uniform.

But, being a mom also means a lot of hugs and kisses.  Bedtime stories and cuddles. Princess dresses and super hero cosutmes.

Magical kingdoms, far away lands, blacket forts and imaginations.

Being a mom is hard work. Its tiring and emotional.

But, when all is said and done, all the hard work and the emotions are totally worth it. Who cares if I don’t sleep for a few years or have to deal with poop daily. I will strangely miss this all one day when it’s all gone.




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