My Half Marathon Training (part 2) Food!

So, I wrote a  post  about the beginnings and excitement of my half marathon training and as I was running yesterday morning at 6:00 am all I could think was, “Ugh, I really do not want to be doing this right now…!”

I know as a runner its normal to have these days.  On the mornings that I am running on the treadmill I will watch a show on my Kindle. At times I am able to lose myself in my show. There are those other times where no matter what, all I’m doing is counting down the seconds until I am done.

A lot of my problem has to do with me just feeling tight in my legs. I don’t feel winded, I just know I am really bad at stretching. I am also really inflexible and always have been. Even when I was a competitive dancer in my younger years I had a hard time with my flexibility and had to work really hard at it.

So, I’m not necessarily surprised that I would need to work harder at it now as an old lady.

I guess moral of that story, I really need to concentrate on stretching better.

Moving on…

Food had always been an issue for me.  It really consumes my days. I think about food when I wake up until I go to bed ( I might be exaggerating a bit). I’m thinking about what I should eat, what I shouldn’t eat. Usually, I end up just saying “Forget it” and binging on whatever I can.

I know as a runner, I am able to eat more than if I wasn’t, within reason. At this time in my life I,  A) have a fast metabolism and B) I am breastfeeding.

This, leaves me hungry most of the day, so I eat a lot.

Although I have been able to get  away with eating more while my baby has been nursing, he has been getting older and is beginning to nurse less. Soon, I will need to starting eating differently.

I would say before February, I was eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  being pregnant found me eating everything in my site. Especially anything with sugar.

February was when I was able to really start running again after having my 3rd baby.  I was doing well, but not losing the baby weight like I wanted to.  It was time to make a drastic change in my life.

Not only was I not losing weight, I was waking up on most mornings with a headache. Thinking it was because I wasn’t drinking enough water, I began to increase my intake.  This is also the time I began researching (aka, looking it up on google) what might be causing these headaches. I have celiac, so one culprit could have been that I was getting traces of gluten in my diet. But, I am usually really good about not letting that happen.

I began noticing though, that a lot of articles were talking about sugar causing headaches. I new that every night after dinner I was loading up on anything chocolate or dessert related.

After a lot of reading and contemplating, I began knowing that the reason I was feeling awful 85% (an estimate) of the time was due to my addiction to sugar. I was adding it to my coffee, eating candy after lunch, throughout the afternoons and after dinner, everyday.

I pulled the trigger (figuratively).  I went cold Turkey (no more sugar) on February 2, 2016. It was hard!

But I had to do it cold turkey. I was also able to fit it into Lent, so I had extra accountability.

To make a long story short, here I am, June of 2016, basically sugar free except for fruits.

I feel great!

My headaches went away, and I have a lot more energy. I also lost about 10 pounds from cutting out the sugar. So that was great for me.

I started a Beachbody workout program for my cross training in April and am really focusing on my nutrition and portions.

For this post, my purpose was actually to share with you what I typically eat in a day.  I focus on foods that will fuel me. I will admit however, that when I stopped eating the sugars, I picked up the habit of eating a lot of nut butters.  It really takes all my strength at the end of the day not to mindlessly eat half a jar of nut butter.

Here is my typical day:

In the mornings, I get up at 6am and workout. I do have Hoshimotos Hypothyroidism, so I have to take my medications for that every morning and cant eat for an hour after.

For Breakfast its usually 2 scrambled eggs with salsa and a gluten free waffle with either nut butter or plain butter.


I also have coffee. No longer do I add sugar, just a splash of milk.

My morning snack is a meal replacement  from Beachbody called Shakeology. It has over 70 super foods in it as well as probiotics and the daily vitamins I need. I will add coffee (yes, more coffee), almond milk, some fruit, spinach and ice.



Lunch is hard for me, in the past I would have a sandwich on gluten free bread and a lot of chips.  Now, I will have something such as, chicken with hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers and dill, with a side of snap peas or carrots and a half cup of fruit. Lately that fruit has been berries.


I have really been trying to focus on foods that have been bothering my digestion. For me, I have switched to almond milk in my smoothies and tried to cut out bananas and cheese.  These are foods I notice really make me bloated after I eat them.

In the afternoon I will have another snack. Most always that is a protein shake with almond milk, coffee ( if I have some left over…I know, not great, please don’t judge) and some fruit and ice.  I don’t use shakes or protein powders with Whey in them. I use plant based.


Dinner is most likely meat and 1 to 2 vegetables.


Dessert has been an apple with nut butter.

So, that’s what I’ve got going on in the food realm of my life.

At this point, I am not trying to lose weight, of course in a perfect world I would have a 6 pack ( for no reason other than I want to know if I can have one). But, I am more focused on feeling good and not being bloated after everything I eat.

We live in a world were all of our food has a million chemicals in them and everyone seems to have an allergy or sensitivity to something.  Food reactions are a norm for most these days.  I know my celiac is genetic, I have many family members with the disease.  But, for many with intolerances, cutting out gluten or other foods from their diets is best for them.

For me, I have found that my nutrition and cross training is really helping my running.  My focus now is going to be on stretching and limbering up.  Hopefully, that will help and prevent future injuries.






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