“Open for Business…”

How is it, that the second kids wake up in the morning, they are able to go full force?

My kids have this ability to wake in the mornings and be 100% ready to go. It’s wake up and ask mom 20 questions then be all, “Hey mom, look what I can do!” “Hey mom, feed me!” “Mom, read us books while we eat and you sit there starving!”

I seriously need a sign that says, “mom is only open for business between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00pm.”

My oldest was up last night several times stomping around, turning on lights, yelling for water and yelling at her sister for coughing.

Yet, she wakes up early this morning bouncing off the walls while I (even after a full workout and coffee) can still barely form a sentence.

Getting them breakfast every morning is enough to send me over the edge. They both want cereal, but neither want the same kind, one wants milk in it, one doesn’t. My younger daughter has to have her cereal in the pink bowl, the oldest in the red bowl.

One likes water to drink, one likes milk. The oldest asks for sausages the younger wants pancakes. I understand a lot of you out there are part of the “mom cooks one thing and you eat it or go hungry” camp, but to be honest, it’s too early in the day for that kind of fight for me.

For about a month during the spring I thought I was in heaven. The kids were sleeping till about 8/8:30 am every morning and I was able to eat my breakfast, drink my coffee and read every morning outside.

But, like most things with kids, it was short lived. I think about those glorious mornings every day. Those mornings put me in such a better mood. I didn’t groan as loudly when they woke up.

Now, the rest of the day is not so bad. I get into my routine and we do what we need to do for the day.

I break up several fights here and there and they still ask a million questions and bounce off the walls, but I’m more alert and ready for it.

But then I hit the “mom wall.” 5:00 pm rolls around and it’s a rush trying to get dinner ready and praying my husband will be home to eat with us.

I frantically begin making dinner while the baby starts to lose his mind, because at 5 pm sharp, an alarm goes off in all of my kids and they become possessed.

Dinnertime is a constant fight with my kids about eating their food and me threatening them with no dessert.

I also have to tell my kids to sit in their chairs 75 times and to stop touching each other.

For some reason the hours between dinner and  bedtime go by in a blur.

There is the dinner, then the clean up, then going into their playroom and having a heart attack because it looks like WWIII in there, then my husband doing baths and story time with 2 girls running around in circles, screaming, acting uncontrollably silly, while I deal with getting the baby to bed.

The house is usually quiet at around 9pm with everyone asleep except me.  I will stay up way too late just because I can and just because its quiet and I am alone.  Even though I can barely keep my eyes open sometimes, I have this childlike determination to stay up past my bedtime.

I’m really hoping I’m not alone with this. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who has the problem with mornings and evenings or do others feel they can’t function during certain times?

If I am the only one, please tell me your magical secrets, because at this point, no amount of coffee or screaming seems to be doing the trick.








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